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Remove the name of Nawaz Sharif’s in the ECL


Nawaz Sharif wants to travel abroad for treatment. According to sources in the PML-N, a request will be filed to remove his name from the Exit Control List. 

The application will be filed by Shehbaz Sharif and is likely to be filed tomorrow (Saturday). If the government approves the request, he will leave the country next week.

His medical reports were sent to doctors in London earlier and they have advised him to come to London for treatment as soon as possible.

Separately, a Lahore accountability court has approved a petition to exempt the former premier from appearing in court in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case.

Maryam Nawaz appeared in court on Friday and signed her bail sureties. She has also filed an application seeking an exemption from appearing in court till a final reference is filed against her.

Her lawyer, Amjad Pervaiz, argued that defendants appear in court after being granted bail only when the reference against them has been filed or Section 173 is applicable. However, the NAB prosecutor argued that her presence is necessary.

During the hearing, Maryam asked why she was being asked to sign and the judge informed her that if she doesn’t appear, then the guarantor will be asked to on her behalf. She replied that she has never not appeared in court when summoned.

Speaking outside the court, Maryam said people talking about deals should be ashamed of themselves. Nawaz Sharif should be able to get treatment wherever he wants in the world, she said.

I want to spend this time with my father, I have the rest of my life for politics, she said, adding that her full attention is on Nawaz’s treatment.

If he has to go abroad, he should definitely go, she said, adding that they are trying to save his life. We need special treatment to find out why his platelets suddenly dropped, said Maryam.

If he goes abroad for treatment and I don’t go with him, it will be difficult, she said, clarifying that her passport is with the court.

I am always worried about my father, she said.

The court also extended Yousaf Abbas’ judicial remand by another 14 days.