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Right man for right job


Advisor to the Chief Minister Sind Murtaza Wahab has been appointed as the Administrator of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation primarily to sort out the mess and clean the city filled with garbage , choked sewerage lines, broken roads and unauthorised occupation of footpaths. His main task is to clean the city and give a new look to the biggest city of Pakistan. Karachi needs special attention being hub of economy of Pakistan. The city has grown out of proportion with no proper planning. Due to political influence and pressures the city lost its past glory and it was taken over by different mafias having connections with the people who matter. So much so people are deprived of even clean drinking water and spend millions of rupees in getting water through water tankers.
Karachi has seen good days in the past when we had good mayors like Sattar Afghani and Mustafa Kamal. It deteriorated during the tenure of Waseem Akhtar who always complained about authority and lack of funds. Hue and cry by people had no effect they continued suffering without any recourse. There has always been tussle between the elected mayor and Sind Government as a result only the people suffered.Even today Sind government and Centre are not on same page and the sufferers are the people.Under 18 amendment provinces enjoy complete freedom and centre cannot interfere in any matter making things complicated and end result is people suffer.
Under the circumstances when Karachi had become the dirtiest city of Pakistan it needed an energetic young diehard hardworking Administrator. Chief Minister deserves appreciation for appointing a right man for the right job and his choice in appointing Wahab Murtaza certainly should bring relief to people of Karachi. Of course all political parties are objecting on this move, but any move by government good or bad is always opposed by opposition, but the journey goes on. Political parties want local bodies elections without delay so that city is administered by elected representatives and proper mayor should take over. Murtaza Wahab is son of a known journalist late Wahab Siddiqi and his mother late Fouzia Wahab had been active politicians as such Murtaza has plenty of experience. Murtaza Wahab has been very active during lock down and has contributed substantially in ensuring people of all ages get vaccinated. MQM is also planning protest after Muharram. People should understand it is purely a temporary arrangement. People have lot of hopes in Murtaza Wahab as he knows the problems of people of Karachi but he has to plan proper strategy and clean all the mess created over the years. He should call meeting of all the political parties and take them into confidence and discuss with them his future line of action and get their help and support. People are fed up of confrontation, it is time he proves to be Messiah administrator of all living in Karachi.
The best course of action would be to start from one end and go to the last end. Start should be from own house, still lot of ghost employees are there. It is no more a rocket science to trace them. For one month disburse salary in cash and you would know the exact number of ghost employees. There should be no mercy on the law breakers. First and foremost duty is to clear all the encroachments and no one should be allowed to occupy foot paths if he manages this 80 percent Karachi’s problems will be over. Karachi has six cantonment boards, no one can dare break the law and occupy footpaths in the cantonment jurisdictions why in the same city KMC cannot establish its writ. He has to be ruthless and under no circumstances show leniency on law breakers and action should be above board. Murtaza Wahab has many advantages he is nominee of CM Sind, most trusted advisor, enjoys full power of mayor and Administrator, no problems of funds. We wish Murtaza Wahab a great success in his new assignment that is directly linked with 30 million people of Karachi.