Role of Pakistan Navy in Defence and Development

Agha Masood
Agha Masood

KARACHI: Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi has said that Pakistan has a bright future both economically and socially. He invited the business community of Pakistan to invest into developing ports and ship yards to boost economy and generate employment. 
The Chief of Pakistan Navy was addressing a gathering of KATI who were keen to listen to his views about the role of Navy in the Defence of Pakistan as well how Pakistan Navy is developing local weapons for Navy to safe guard the interest of Pakistan.
Abbasi said Pakistan has only one ship building yard while the countries in the region have many, therefore Pakistan has to develop shipyard to build Navy ships to strengthen the Maritime Economy of Pakistan.
He said second shipyard will be built at Gwadar to build ships much needed by Pakistan. About the CPEC, Abbasi said that CPEC will be a game changer for Pakistan in real sense. Already many projects and infrastucture have been completed.
The Naval Chief said that Gwadar Port when fully developed and operational will be like Singapore port where ships from the world over arrive carrying goods and commodities augmenting the economy of not only of Singapore but the entire South East Asia. He said the anti-CPEC propaganda about the CPEC by the vested interest and enemy countries will not affect the march of progress of CPEC which will consolidate the economy of Pakistan and generating the jobs for the millions Pakistanis.
The Government of Pakistan and China, he said, are determined to develop CPEC on fast-track basis to boost the socio-economic conditions of Balochistan and entire Pakistan. Abbasi exhorted the business community of Pakistan to invest in ship breaking industry which needs modern technology and highly improved safety standard. At resent the ship breaking industry at Gadani lacks modern facilities, once such facilities are developed the ship breaking industry will rise to new heights with immense job opportunities for the entire Pakistan.
The Naval Chief disclosed that soon new oil discoveries in and around Mekran coast will change the economic scenario of Pakistan depending less on foreign sources of oil.
Abbasi advised the business community to enhance exports and go for knowledge-based exports instead of relying on traditional exports which strangulated the growth of exports. The value addition and R& D will help the growth of exports from Pakistan which is hardly now nineteen billion US dollars. About the role of Pakistan Navy in the Defence of Pakistan he said Pakistan Navy is highly capable to meet any challenge and is equipped with latest weapons to thwart any aggression from within and without Abbasi said there was a time when Muslims were the masters of seas but with the decline the other nations took its place like Great Britain who rule the world through naval power. Therefore, sea remains important for Pakistan for its trade and safety of its sea frontiers.
Abbasi invited businessmen to participate in the development of arms needed for land, air and navy for making Pakistan self-sufficient.
Earlier, President KATI Tariq Malik welcomed the Naval Chief and said that under his command Pakistan Navy progressed by leaps and bounds and has been playing vital role in peace and war. The people of Pakistan highly value Pakistan Navy for securing the sea frontiers as well as helping maritime economy.
He thanked Abbasi for taking time to come to KATI and address the members of this great trade body where more than four thousand plus factories are contributing to boost national economy and employing thousands of skilled and unskilled workers

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