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Route and track of Pakistani media


A common pronto, knowledge that Pakistani media is under tremendous coercion and is unable to stop limiting it austerely. That was just a few years ago Pakistani media widely commended as the image-maker, now is considered a trouble maker arousing some very powerful segments
of the shrewd and crafty management of public affairs or banana republic to dry-heaved it to the max. Exasperation their, however, actually, that media is also a necessity as it not only provides information but also reflects the societal movement. These powerful stakeholders recognize
the fundamental concept of media, but, discuss its functional detail. Hence, the inclination to penetrate the media down to size superior to all others in influence or importance paramount to many stakeholders, they keep on endeavouring to achieve their purposes.
Contemporary development ,this controversial issue sprained once again, in case of purported media regulations aimed at gagging all demeanours of media, counting the social media that met a strident and widespread holmic compelling the beadledom to sill the proposal ,though it’s not unequivocal and irrefutable.
The powerful segments of the consistent aggressive attitude is indicative of the urge to take back the country half a century back without realising that the kind of absolute control made possible, then is not at all possible and that any effort to reverse the clock will not only prove inefficacious but also ineffectual.
In the radius of media , freedom in the context of the law of criminal disrepute, the symmetry
between the right of freedom of expression and preserving the integrity of the system of justice and law enforcement administration team, the obligation and responsibilities of a reporter, publisher, journalist, feature or column writer, content writer broadcaster and editorial management, the restrictions required to be observed in order to ensure one-sided dominance is certainly a thing of the past even in a polarization of Pakistani politics. The optimum for development corroborates by the powerful segments of the country may be relevant to tightly controlled and limited premises but not to the lounging place that in Pakistan it deals with its typical aspirations and diverticulitis.
Media raised questions are pertinent mirroring the public aspirations, that the media have made vigilant about their rights ,though ,they still couldn’t be considered in majority ,but the way, in which social consciousness , has been garnered promises to make the country more conscious about the actual reality and the version of reality purported by Pakistan’s powerful segments.
In nutshell, the worry harboured by the elite minority, that hates coming out of its utopian and privileged existence, therefore, is intent upon placing obstacles against such progress, these segments are heedless that media feed to the natural human curiosity ,that also remains curious about highly contentious matters of public importance particularly political developments
and it falls under the primary domain of the media to magnify. Parenthetically, keep in mind that the public opinion is given to interpret matters cognizance and the next step this seminal xercise is conjecturing, though, it may not be accurate, but unfortunately it is the natural sequel of any contention. Media can’t remain aloof from the entire process and tries to portray various dimensions of public opinion.
While on the subject, that in the absence of any formal channel of ascertaining public
opinion media is the only way out to exists it, in doing so ,media is actually performing a national service and any attempt to discourage it from doing so may tantamount to curbing
free exercise of opinion, the objection raised about the objectionable presumed contents of
talk shows, actually contradicts itself, when it is widely believed that protecting press freedom and freedom of speech is of paramount importance for strengthening the democratic process and upholding the canon. It is quite ungainly to separate the public expression of views from freedom? What is needed is to reassess the contours of freedom itself and the validity of countenance.
In Pakistan, the media coverage is recognisably not free-for-all and media personnel are manacled by a corpus of regulations totally.
Additionally, It must also be kept in mind that regulating media according to legalistic or administrative considerations is a futile effort, because media acts on compulsions
of social flows and it resembles a wave that makes its own way and media is by nature irreverent and possesses a healthy disrespect for human action that is often reflected in
its scope. Not either successful to confine the free spirit of media within a system that usually represents a one way traffic controllable to specified chains of command and operating domains. Particularly, it is pertinent to observe that media possesses the unparalleled quality of self-analysis andit should be left to the discretionary qualities of media to set its route and track.