Russian delegation discusses wheat export to Pakistan

On Wednesday, a Russian team met with Tariq Bashir Cheema, the minister of national food security, to discuss the import of rice and potatoes from Pakistan and the export of wheat to that country.

Aleksei Kudriavtsev, the Agriculture Attache at the Russian Embassy, Yousuf Asif, and Hamid Ali, representatives of the Prodintorg, and Attache Alexander also discussed methods to improve bilateral collaboration.

The delegation declared its openness to engage in barter trade for food basket items. According to Asif, a spokesman for Prodintorg, expanding economic cooperation in agriculture might be advantageous for both Russia and Pakistan.

To address Pakistan’s issue with food security, the Russian team proposed exporting wheat there. According to Asif, Russia is the biggest exporter of wheat and may assist Pakistan in a government-to-government relationship.

He informed the minister that Russia is a significant potato importer and stated his desire to purchase potatoes from Pakistan. Additionally, he stated that Russia was eager to increase its imports of rice from Pakistan.

Cheema emphasised the harm done to Pakistan’s agricultural industry as a result of the recent severe flood at the time. He pleaded with the world to support Pakistan throughout its recovery period.

Alexey Kudryavtsev, the Russian country’s agriculture attaché, expressed his confidence that the two nations’ mutually advantageous agricultural cooperation will contribute to ensuring food security.

Separately, Donald Blome, the US ambassador to Pakistan, stated that the US was thinking about opening up the US beef market to Pakistan and introducing high-yield cotton seed technology.

According to a news statement, the ambassador met with Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Tariq Bashir Cheema and addressed issues of common concern.

The minister greeted the ambassador and expressed gratitude for the friendly ties between the two nations.

Cheema said that recent floods and storms have caused problems for Pakistan. The return of displaced persons to their homes and the recovery of as much agricultural land as feasible are our top priorities.

According to Donald Blome, the American people support Pakistan, and the US government is expanding Pakistan’s flood help package.

In addition to the help, he stated that he hopes to improve relations and increase commerce in agriculture between the two nations. Additionally, the ambassador underlined his desire to collaborate with Pakistan in the area of agriculture.

The minister praised the initiative and noted that cotton and dates were the two crops most badly harmed by the recent rains.

According to Donald Blome, the US has made a significant commitment to combating climate change through adaptation and mitigation strategies. According to him, Pakistan is one of the top 10 nations affected by climate change.

He expressed a desire to collaborate with the Pakistani administration on upcoming issues.