SAI seeks KCCI help in dealing with low gas pressure

KARACHI: President Site Association of Industry (SAI) Suleman Chawla has requested the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) to approach the high ups in Islamabad and also the authorities at SSGC to deal with the low gas pressure being suffered by almost all the industrial zones of the city, particularly Site Industrial area where the industrial production was suffering badly nowadays due to low gas pressure and they may not be able to complete their domestic and export orders on time which, if not timely responded, will have a negative impact of Pakistan’s economic performance, says a Press release.
Exchanging views with Acting President KCCI Arshad Islam, Vice President KCCI Shahid Ismail and Managing Committee members during the visit of SAI delegation on Thursday, Suleman Chawla said that in addition to low gas pressure, the industries in Site area are confronted with many other problems as well including high cost of gas, exorbitant water tariff, water shortages and dilapidated infrastructure which require immediate attention otherwise the country may not be able to achieve the export target set for the current fiscal year.
“KCCI, being the premier and largest Chamber of the country, has to take up this matter and bring it to the notice of Honorable Prime Minister so that Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) could be directed to ensure gas supply with full pressure to industries, which would enable them to smoothly run their operations and timely finish their export orders”, he added.
He mentioned that the winter season has just arrived and it was really unfortunate that SSGC has immediately reduced the gas pressure, making it impossible for all the industrial units to carry out their production activities.
He said that Managing Director of Sui Southern Gas Company must devise an effective strategy in consultation with all stakeholders to deal with this serious issue as the economy was already in deep crises and the country was not in a position to suffer any further depreciation in the exports due to limited production.
Speaking on the occasion, Acting President KCCI Arshad Islam assured full support to Site Association’s demand to restore full pressure to industries located not only in Site Area but also in all other industrial zones of the city.
“In this regard, the Karachi Chamber will write a letter to honorable Prime Minister with a humble request to ensure uninterrupted gas supply at full pressure to all industrial units and also approach Managing Director SSGC so that this problem is amicably resolved”, he added.
He was of the opinion that industries were already facing a lot of difficulties due to multiple reasons, of which the most serious issue was the dilapidated infrastructure.
“It is a well-known fact that commuting in Site area nowadays has become a nightmare as the road infrastructure was in a pathetic condition due to lack of maintenance work which has not been carried out since many years”, he added.
Keeping in view the seriousness being exhibited by the present government towards the ease of doing business, Arshad Islam was fairly optimistic that the decision makers would come forward to resolve some of the serious issues being faced by the industries in Karachi on top priority which was in the larger interest of the country and the only way forward.

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