Saudi King’s personal bodyguard shot dead during an altercation

MAKKAH: The personal bodyguard of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, General Abdelaziz al-Fagham has been killed in a personal dispute.
According to a press statement from the Makkah Police Department, Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al-Fagham was visiting his friend Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Sabti at his home in Jeddah, when a mutual friend called Mamdouh Bin Mishaal Al-Ali arrived at the address.
According to the statement, a heated discussion erupted between Al-Ali and Al-Fagham. According to Arab News, the discussion was about personal and financial matters.
“Fagham was visiting his friend at his home in Jeddah when (an) acquaintance, Mamdouh al-Ali, entered the residence,” the police statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.
Al-Ali then left and came back with a gun, shooting the general, injuring him and two others who were at the scene: the house owner’s brother, Turki Al Sabti, and a Filipino domestic worker.
The police arrived at the scene, but Al-Ali resisted, fired at them – he was killed when officers returned fire.
Al-Fagham was taken to hospital but later died as a result of his injuries.
Turki al Sabti and the Filipino domestic worker were injured during the incident.
The two are said to be in a stable condition, five security officers were also injured and are receiving treatment for their injuries. Authorities are still investigating.
The Saudi Press Agency also reported that the security forces shot the assailant dead after he refused to surrender.
Al-Faghm had also served as the personal bodyguard of the late King Abdullah, according to local media. – NNI

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