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Saudi oil facilities attack: Prices may soar by Rs10-12 in Pakistan


KARACHI– Prices of petroleum products are likely to soar by Rs10-12 in Pakistan following supply disruptions following drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities on Saturday that cut more than 5% of global oil supply.

Analysts have expressed fear, in consequence, a significant hike in prices of gold, daily use items, essential commodities and imported products in the country.  Pakistan’s import bill will increase by $800 million, further raising inflation in the state.

On August 31, state’s finance division had notified new prices of petroleum products which have been moved down 5.8 per cent for the month of Septem¬ber owing to decline in prices in the international market.

As per a statement, the purchasing price of petrol had been reduced by Rs4.59 per litre to Rs113.24 per litre to be effective from Sept 1 from Rs117.83 per litre, in the previous month.

Resultantly, the price of high speed diesel (HSD) had dipped by Rs5.33 per litre to Rs127.14 per litre from Rs132.47 previously.

Similarly, the government had reduced the price of kerosene by Rs4.27 per litre to Rs99.57 per litre from Rs103.84 per litre, while in the case of LDO the reduction was of Rs5.63 per litre to Rs91.89 from Rs97.52 per litre.