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Saving face


Initially perception of a common man and even for people outside Pakistan regarding proscribed TLP was that it had crushed the PTI Government. But those who had witnessed the militancy of good ol’ Bhai in Karachi and the Lashkars and the Taliban’s era of three bloodied decades, know quite well that such type of militancy cannot sustain for a long period of time. As we know that during Afghan War, the Taliban and Al Qaeda and their outlet Lashkars and Sipahs sustained and strengthened by the support of CIA / ISI nucleus.
That is another thing that when Afghan war abruptly ended and it, they rose on both sides of the Durand line and then they miscalculated the power of the State. Despite all its weaknesses, Pakistan is not a Banana Republic, but it is of geographical significance first for the US in the past and now for China.
The Barelvi TLP is a new phenomenon especially in Punjab and it is an undeniable reality that they are getting support from within Pakistan from small section as well as outside.
But the way the lower middle class workers came out on the streets at at police Stations, kidnapped security forces, was indeed worrisome. And there is a doubt that some other militant group penetrated into TLP and then the young TLP leadership got scared that the situation and movement has gotten out of their control.
So now they want a comfortable agreement with the Government to save face, fulfilling my prediction which I had written a few days ago that this movement was not like that of TTP, Lashkar and Sipahs.