Say No to corruption?

What an appealing and beautiful sentence “Say/ No to corruption”. The fundamental principle of any ill in any society that is talked much can never be eliminated. We have been hearing the word corruption since existence of Pakistan, but it’s frequency was too small now it is talk of 200 million people.Corruption corruption and corruption every time any time and everywhere.Corruption has become part of culture and is being followed practiced 365 days a year. Let us define corruption in simple words.Corruption is the misuse of public power( by elected politicians or appointed civil servant) for private gain.Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power( by heritage,education,marriage,election,appointment or whatever else) for private gain.
To stop corruption government at provincial level and at federal have created many departments to stop corruption. But when government functionaries start corruption then there is no remedy. Although there are many organizations established to stop corruption but their performance has never been exemplary.About NAB wrong perception exists they don’t catch corrupt people but they try them after thorough investigation before that they are confronted with specific charges by providing concrete evidence.Before we further discuss corruption let us find out how many types of corruption exists in Pakistan and how best it can be controlled.Unfortunately our concept of corruption is restricted to those who loot and plunder national wealth in millions and stack them in foreign banks under fictitious and sometimes in own name. One is Mega corruption and then we have minor corruption.I have listed type of corruption that has grown so much nothing can be done about it
a. Not coming to office using proxy for attendance
b. Keeping official driver claiming driver allowance
c .Detailing few office staff to work at home
d. Making fake TA/DA while sitting at home
e. Attending family functions under the cover of official duty
f. Filling official petrol in private vehicles
g. Appointing friends on senior appointments fixing huge salaries
h. Creating superfluous appointments to oblige bosses
j. Fixing salaries in millions without any rationale
k. Arranging foreign tours at state expense
l. Making payment of parties hosted by benefactors from looted money
m. Misusing official transport for friends and relatives
n. Allocating government vehicles to relatives
o. Appointing retired people on lucrative and foreign assignments thus usurping rights of others
p. Making laws to get more perks and privileges
q. Appointing more people State owned enterprises running in losses like Pakistan Steel and PIA
These are some of the forms of corruption but the list is unending.
These fall under intellectual corruption and that is more harmful than looting money
Prime Minister has established citizens portal it is good but needs most dedicated persons who have fear of God.Some work is being done but casual attitude is tarnishing the image. A citizen requested for meeting with prime minister his application was forwarded to Agriculture department lesser said better it is.
Corruption has great cooperation. We have anti corruption department just whose performance has not been up to the mark. We have very effective organization FIA whose performance has been good as long the top man has been honest but due to political appointees this has also been destroyed efforts are to make it strong. PM promised to appoint honest dedicated heads of different institutions but even after 15 months the exercise is incomplete. In fact this should have been done with in 15 days of forming the government. Austerity word now can be seen in the dictionary,unfortunately no promise by PTI has been fulfilled. Old system is fully entrenched and nothing has been done to change it. Rates of corruption are touching sky and when someone argued with corrupt mafia there answer is now it is Nia Pakistan therefore risk has increased.
If this is the state of affairs how do you expect say no to corruption? There is no office where file moves without paying bribe.Thana culture has further deteriorated.
Question arises what common man should do? Can this rotten system can be put right? Yes if there is will and determination. The government at provincial level and at Centre should fix time limits for public issues. Maximum period should be 30 days except for water gas and power connection that should take only seven days because these are basic needs. If this single step is taken 80 percent bribery can be stopped. I hope someone is listening.

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