SBP permits ABL to partner with Intergiro

KARACHI: M/s Intergiro International, Sweden based leading Fintech Company became the first multinational that has setup its formal branch office and commence its business operations in Pakistan, says a Press release.
In a historic and a landmark development, Intergiro has embarked upon a Comprehensive Plan for “Cashless Digitized Payments” which shall enable “Individuals and Businesses” to transact “Seamlessly” on real-time basis. While this initiative puts an end to quest for other Payment Solution, the ease of use and Cost-Competitiveness are the other two prime benefits that would change landscape of business and payment solution universe.
SBP has granted permission to Allied Bank Limited [ABL] to partner with M/s Intergiro International for providing remittance services to Pakistani freelancers. This approval came after due diligence and thorough compliance reviews by the ABL and SBP relevant functions.
The Country Manager of Intergiro International, Muhammad Awais Khan, maintained that M/s Integiro being cognizant of cost-effectiveness has taken drastic measures to ensure the ‘remittance cost” at the lower end.
He expected that this momentous step from an International Player would help boost Pakistani e-Commerce and IT industry, especially the Pakistani Freelancers working on sites like Upwork.
He said that such initiative would not only help Pakistani Freelancers to stay competitive, but will help boost the much-needed forex-inflows given the circumstances when PayPal has opted-out to work in Pakistan. Intergiro wants to give Pakistanis a safe option right here at home rather than having to use risky third-party payment service providers based outside Pakistan where transaction settlement is delayed, expensive and unsecure because funds and accounts can be blocked anytime, leaving them helpless.
Khan further stated that the incumbent payment solution is quite capable for catering to all Challenges of modern times International Payment Services.

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