SCO termed important milestone as ‘Shanghai Spirit’ revisited: Jin

SCO termed important milestone as 'Shanghai Spirit' revisited: Jin

ISLAMABAD: Yao Jin, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China has said that Qingdao Summit of Heads of State of Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an important milestone as the “Shanghai Spirit” was revisited with a new enthusiasm and vitality through resolve for the shared destiny and economic well being for the entire regional countries and also because Pakistan and India has joined the grouping as permanent member countries. This was stated by him during the Seminar on “Shanghai Cooperation Organization After Qingdao Summit” organized by Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and Pakistan Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum, says a Press release.
Ambassador Yao Jing during his keynote address at the seminar highlighted various important dimensions of the SCO Summit held in the coastal region of China in June this year wherein Pakistan and India joined as permanent member.
While further elaborating on the occasion, Chinese Ambassador said that SCO offers equal opportunities for the entire region and the inclusion of the new member states has strengthen the basic shanghai sprit as well. The key focus of the organization is Security and Development and during the Chairmanship of China in the last year much emphasis has been on the strengthening the security and development of the region.
He said China is also offering more than 3000 training in different dimensions and fields of expertise at the platform of SCO. China has played a constructive role in the development of the organization at various levels during the chairmanship. With Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) where several member countries of the SCO are also part of the various Economic Corridors of BRI, one way or the other where China is furthering the objective of peace, prosperity with shared destiny of economic development.
The Ambassador highlighted and appreciated the efforts of the incumbent government of Pakistan that the direction is clear and the resolve to play a positive role in the region especially about the good neighborliness plans. Pakistan is an important and active member of SCO and has always played a key role in regional peace and stability. China has always valued friendship with Pakistan.
As the Chairmanship of SCO has been moved to Kyrgyzstan, AibekTilebaliev, Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan highlighted the vision and mission of the country during its chairmanship in SCO and stated that the country is focusing on achieving economic, security and cultural cooperation among SCO countries.
He has also shared that SCO bank of development will be open in Kyrgyz republic, which aims at investing in transport and transit connectivity and energy.
Professor Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Sarghoda University said that he is optimistic about Pakistan and India’s presence in SCO and this will provide ample support to help resolve various outstanding disputes including Kashmir and will create the atmosphere of peace and prosperity of the region.
Professor Dr. Khan, International Islamic University Islamabad while speaking on the occasion said that that the world is transforming from uni-polarity to multi-polarity while new dimensions are emerging and Pakistan needs to take the benefit out of the these trends where SCO is one platform where the country can play a constructive role for the promotion of peace and prosperity.
Ms. Farhat Asif, President Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, briefed the audience about the key aspects and role of organization in developing and promotion and diplomatic relations. She further shared SCO achievements as it counts 30 percent of global GDP.