Shaan-e-Pakistan affirms details of its upcoming thunderous fifth edition

KARACHI: Shaan-e-Pakistan the huge and unique Pakistani platform for culture, food, music and fashion which aims to project the best that Pakistan has to offer beyond its borders, held its star-studded press conference at Zaoq restaurant, Dolman Mall, here earlier Saturday. The event was well-attended by media, celebrities, socialites and corporates who graced the red carpet before the start of the conference.
The event was hosted by the charming Hira Hussain who invited the founder and creator of the prestigious platform, Shaan-e-Pakistan, Huma Nasr to introduce the event. She announced the details of the upcoming 5th Edition and said “After the overwhelming success of the previous editions that took place in New Delhi in 2015, Lahore in 2016, Karachi in 2018 and Lahore in 2019, this year Shaan-e-Pakistan aims to cross another milestone by holding their 5th Edition – Promising Shaan-e-Pakistan, 3-Day Festival, in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 21st till 23rd March, 2020.”
She added the objective of doing such festivals outside Pakistan is to give a platform to our country to show what it has to offer in terms of art, culture, music, food, fashion, property and trade. The three-day event will include exhibitions at Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre by both Pakistani and Sri Lankan corporates, women entrepreneurs, designers and artists. There will be a designer Lounge headed by Faiza Malik from Ensembles Dubai featuring Saniya Maskatiya, Fareeda Hasan, Armari and a lot more designers. There will be a Crafters Lounge headed by Anisa Yunus with some great crafts of Pakistan, Savvy Lounge by Aamir Mazhar featuring statement jewellery and exclusive outfits by designers from Lahore, and South Asian Lounge depicting South Asian Ensembles.
Among the other speakers on the occasion were Irfan Pardesi from Zee Foundation, the executive producer of the event, Saad Ahsan from Commonwealth Dominica, Saud Faisal from Pakistan Observer, Amir Iqbal (poet), and Faisal Mubeen from Malka Foods.
While a fashion show is scheduled for the 22nd, there will be a closing ceremony ‘Aik Shaam Pakistan kay Naam’ on the 23rd, both at Barefoot. Salts Arts would be collaborating with Shaan-e-Pakistan as Music Curator Partners. The fashion show will not only feature local talent like Mushk who will also be hosting the Red Carpet, but also international models. Ali Xeeshan and Humayun The details were submitted in the response to a plea in the top provincial court over lack of security arrangements at the shrines. A report submitted by the Additional Inspector General Karachi on Friday proved the worst expectations true.
It revealed that around 58 cops are deployed at 313 shrines in the city and there were at least 131 shrines in the city without the deployment of any security personnel.
The district-wise division of these religious sites included at least 29 shrines in district East, 41 in Malir and 61 in Korangi.
One of the biggest and most visited shrines in Karachi that is of Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine only has a deployment of eight to 10 personnel in a single shift.
Giving details of the total number of shrines in the city, the report said that there are 13 shrines in district South, 45 in district Central, 71 in district West, 29 in district East, 41 in Malir and 61 in Kornagi area while 53 shrines are also located in the City area. – NNI

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