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Shahbaz Sharif embezzlement allegations

Source: www.thenews.com.pk

The impact of rooting out corruption scandals under the PTI’s reign has crossed Pakistani boundaries and reached foreign shores as UK-based paper Mail on Sunday accused Shahbaz Sharif of embezzling millions of pounds.

The apple does’nt fall far from the tree. The paper revealed shocking allegations that Shahbaz had embezzled millions out of the £500m that Britain’s Department for International Aid has poured into the province for boosting projects.

The report further claims that a substantial amount of money, for the rehabilitation of 2005 earthquake victims was also transferred into the private accounts of Shahbaz and his family through a meticulous money laundering scheme.

Special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shahzad Akbar, at a press conference on Monday displayed copies of pay orders as proof that millions of rupees had been unlawfully moved from the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority to an organization possessed by Mr Sharif’s son in-law.

The PML-N leader has promised to file a defamation suit for the allegations, against the newspaper and also Prime Minister and his special assistant

DFID on the other hand dismissed the story saying “Our robust systems protected UK taxpayers from fraud”.

Mr Sharif will have to prove his innocence anyhow, and follow through with filing his defamation suit for what he says is a “fabricated and misleading story” regarding embezzlement accusations.