Shakeel Qarar finally wins President’s post in NPC’s Elections

Shakeel Qarar finally wins President's post in NPC's Elections

Munawar Naqvi

ISLAMABAD: Journalist Panel grabbed all major posts except that of President and Vice-President (Woman seat) in the Annual Election 2019 of the National Press Club, held here Tuesday. In a major upset Shakeel Qarar (Azad Group) won the coveted position of President by grabbing 1036 votes as against the old stalwart Shakeel Anjum (Journalist Group) who had been President NPC for two terms and Secretary for the third. He managed 960 votes losing a couple of hundred votes owing to Journalist Panel (Splinter group led by Farooq Faisal Khan). Another upset was post of Vice-President on which Sadia Kamal (Azad Group) was successful bagging 878 votes as against the close contestant Parveen Bobi (Journalist Group) who managed 706 votes.

It merits mention here that Journalist Panel (Splinter group) despite joining hands with ‘Jago Group’, their historical rivals of the joint Journalist Panel could not make any impression in these elections except encroaching upon the votes of Shakeel Anjum (Journalist Group) through Jago Group’s presidential candidate Matiullah Jan, as Journalist Panel (Splinter group) had no presidential candidate of their own.

Although the Election Committee led by veteran journalist Chaudhry Ilyas did not issue any Press release, this report was prepared in the light of Result chit of the Election Coommittee and the information shared by the relevant groups on the social media. However, the Election Committee has announced these results at 11.20 a.m. Wednesday. After some objections raised by some contestants, the Committee shifted to another room along with two representatives each from the main contesting groups for recounting.

For the three posts of male Vice-Presidents, all three candidates of the Journalist Group made their way to the Executive Body. Ahmed Nawaz Khan (820 votes), Raja Khalil Ahmed Mehmood (746 votes) and Shah Mohammad (607 votes) were successful.

For the post of Secretary,Anwar Raza (Journalist Group) became victorious claiming 766 votes. Shahryar Khan (Azad Group) was his closest rival bagging 722 votes while Zaigham Naqvi (Splinter group) with 374 votes, veteran Journalist Nasir Malick (Professional Group) with 251 votes were his closest rivals. None other could reach even the 100 mark. Women seat, as earlier mentioned, went to Azad Group’s Sadia Kamal.

For the seat of Finance Secretary, Saghir Ahmed Chaudhry (Journalist Panel) became victorious grabbing 860 votes as against his close rival Khawar Nawaz Raja (Azad Group) who could manage 750 votes.

For the three posts of male Joint-Secretaries, all three candidates of the Journalist Group returned successful. Syed Sheraz Ali Gardezi (856 votes), Ahtisham Ul Haq (840 votes) and M. Nadeem Chaudhry (755 votes) were successful. For Women seat, Shakila Jalil (Journalist Group) grabbing 854 votes outclassed here nearest rivals Asma Nawaz (Azad Group) who got 541 votes and Asma Ghani who could manage only 305 votes.

The results for the 17 seats of the Governing Body could not be announced as counting for these votes is likely today (Thursday).