Shakil Afridi completes 7 years in jail


ISLAMABAD: Shakil Afridi, the tribal doctor who had helped American CIA hunt down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, has completed seven years of his jail term.

His attorney has not dismissed speculation about his client’s early release, but says Afridi could be freed, if the government wants.

Last month, Afridi was transferred from Peshawar’s central prison to a jail in Punjab for ‘security reasons’ triggering a guessing game in the media about his possible early release. Assistant Political Agent of Khyber Agency’s Bara sub-division, using his judicial powers under the Frontier Crime Regulation Act, had sentenced him to 33-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs320, 000 on treason charges.

In 2014, the commissioner of FCR commuted his conviction by 10 years and reduced the fine by Rs 1 million.

Qamar Nadeem Afridi, Afridi’s lawyer, told a private TV channel that his client served his seven-year jail term. Afridi is to serve 23 years in jail, however, if the government wants, it can remit the remaining sentence.

“Yes, the remission in sentence is possible,” said Qamar. “But this is now in the hands of the government. We have not been informed about any such plan.”