Solving the jigsaw puzzle

Sometime back Prime Minister requested media to give positive image of Pakistan for 6 months, but he never stopped them from reporting news in the interest of people. But no such thing is happening because the culture adopted over the last 70 years cannot be changed in short period, it will take time but will change when law of land shall be strictly implemented. It was shocking to read statement of former interior minister Choudhry Nisar while appreciating Imran Khan’s initiative in making “Shelters Home” for poor he said that present government cannot be given credit in getting aid from some Islamic countries , but did not mention that who should be credited for this grand gesture. Naturally no country makes any deal on the basis of previous rulers; relationships are built on country basis and not the individual because people keep changing and this time Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan therefore credit goes to him. It is so strange that Imran is being criticized day in and day out on non issues and the issues inherited from the previous government.

The maximum noise is on use of helicopter in KP by Imran Khan and Aleema Khan declared property acquired in 2004.Let us briefly deal the two matters. As per official record NAB carried out investigations and alleged that there was documentary evidence that Khan had paid Rs 2.1 Million for two helicopters belonging to the KP government an MI-171 and Ecureuil used for 74 hours, which amounts to Rs 28000 spent for every hour the helicopters were used. What is the fuss about? Yes we should discredit Imran for making payment as per rules in vogue. He should be criticized why he made an exception by making payment when past rulers used helicopters, planes in bringing food and breakfast and kept planes in waiting at the airports paying millions of dollars without lawful authority. He should be criticized why he wasted 22 years and struggled to break status quo of politics in Pakistan. He should be criticized why did he win the elections. He should be criticised why he opened the border of Kartarpur. He should be criticized why he appointed clean people of his own choice who spent their valuable time during his struggle.

I have spent a life time – more than three decades writing and analysing the national and international issues and anything that stands out as not as a norm but an exception immediately strikes my conscious. Here is a man who wants to do something for Pakistan, uproot corruption and recover looted money, here is a man who is honest and wants everybody to work honestly, here is a man who wants to bring back respect to Pakistani passport etc but is being criticised for doing such things. Imran is no good because he wants to provide poor people with houses, wants to improve their health facilities arrange education for poor send non school going children to schools. He is no good because he appointed professionals in his team? He is no good because he wants merit to prevail. He must be taken to task for picking up courage to come and fight with all types of mafia? Imran is no good because he wants to build dams to save Pakistan from total collapse. He is no good because he wants the country to stand on own feet and wants to avoid IMF and its tough conditions. He must be criticised for talking eye to eye to President Donald Trump. He must be criticised why he is after zero tolerance in corruption

On the other hand leaders not one but many that include presidents and prime ministers and other influential people who have stashed looted money in Swiss and Dubai banks and with sufficient documentary evidence living beyond means when questioned by NAB, it tantamount to derailing democracy. Apart from this the main target becomes Imran Khan and he must be criticized as if he is directing all these actions. Political influence in official matters has demoralised the bureaucracy and some of them have stopped working and are quitting service. This is result of politicising the bureaucracy since he wants bureaucracy to act independently therefore he must be criticized. Regarding Aleema Khan she is sister of PM. Imran Khan was not holding any public office, she was not a kid like Nawaz’s children. There is no relevance in two cases, it is only politicking.

What is wrong with our politics? We have not yet matured to honourably accept our defeat. We made a system where rulers were untouchables, where rulers behaved like monarchs, rulers looted national wealth at will, rulers allowed occupation of government lands to friends, appointed cronies on key appointments as a result destroyed costly assets of state. He should be criticized for putting them back on rail. He must be criticized for running new trains for the convenience of common man. This is also true that his government is not composed of angels, they are also human beings and must be criticised for wrong doings but not for the sake of criticism. Media is high lighting their wrong doings and weaknesses but with in the norms of decency. Imran Khan is busy in solving Jigsaw puzzles we all must cooperate he has the potential to steer the country out of crisis.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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