Is something wrong with PTI or?

PTI broke the nexus of two parties PML N and PPP that ruled this country for decades so much so their charter of democracy also did not work because it revolved around personal benefits and interests of both party leaders and had nothing to do with democracy being practiced in Pakistan. Result of July 2018 elections came as a big shock to the major political parties who were hoping clean sweep ended up in root out. As a result their frustration is understandable, but what is worrying is the poor governance of PTI. If one looks at their promises made by PTI before elections it will be seen that none of the promise has been fulfilled. Instead of concentrating on good governance the leader and party is busy and has launched hatred campaign againt Nawaz and Zardari. It must be clearly understood that Nawaz and Zardari is not the problem of people, because there are large number of people who fall in this category our problem is dwindling economy and employment for poor.
It is on record that PTI had full details about depleted funds position and over all economic condition of Pakistan. People had pinned high hopes of better days but as the days passed people only witnessed high prices beyond their reach. This provided a golden opportunity to opposition to criticize Imran Khan for not living upto the promises made. Sudden devaluation of rupee proved to be a big disaster as overnight billions of dollars were added to already debt ridden country. This resulted in greater criticism against Imran and PTI from all directions. Over and above the team has miserably failed to deliver due to their inner differences. These were already known to all but making it public was in bad taste. It simply reflects that things with in PTI are not shaping well and even the key members of the cabinet ignored their leader and Imran Khan had to instruct them not to fight openly and issue statements against each other
Negative propaganda against government is now in full swing and is taking a serious turn. People of Pakistan are confused as to what is going on in the country. It is becoming evident that corrupt mafia having firm stronghold and close coordination amongst themselves that partially include opposition parties, businessman, industrialists, police, bureaucracy, pharmaceutical owners, land grabbers, anchors, media owners, are on one page against Imran Khan’s government as their survival is at stake. They have no other choice except to create hurdles and keep criticizing him and go to any extent even to overthrow his government irrespective it may be harmful to the country, but they have no other option as NAB has complete information about looted money. The screw is being tightened around corrupt politicians and other members of society, their survival now depends how to remove Imran Khan.
A relentless campaign is on by PPP and PML N except Nawaz Sharif who has suddenly become quiet and so is Marium Nawaz, it could be an indication of underhand deal or may have changed the strategy how to tackle IK. But one thing is definite IK is not going to compromise on corruption, in no mood to give any concession to anyone and is going to ensure that corrupt are punished and looted money recovered, although chances are bleak, at any stage if he feels that he should call it a day he shall never hesitate to quit.
Question arises why it is happening? The answer is very simple, all corrupt are feeling insecure and they are now convinced that no one will come and rescue them therefore they will continue protesting against the government. However a question that agitates mind of everybody that why IK is making false promises when he has no money, why party ministers are not doing well, why good governance not being displayed, why there is no legislation at all, why he is not attending the parliament sessions, why his austerity measures have failed, why provinces are not cooperating, why civil reforms have not taken place, why no police reforms have taken place. Punjab police enjoys very bad reputation and people are not happy. Is change in uniform of Punjab police has to do anything with the atrocities and thana culture? CM Buzdar is under attack ever since he became Chief Minister of Punjab, who will check his performance. Why Prime Minister insists in retaining him as CM Punjab. It is the biggest province cannot be left in the hands of inexperienced people when you have better persons. Confrontation with Sind must end soon before it takes an ugly turn.
Khalil Jabran’s poetry “Pity the Nation” was translated by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, one of the couplet

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