State In Crisis – Answer Remains The Immediate Election

State in Crisis – The Only Way Out Is An Immediate Election

Asif Ali Zardari along with his team and Rana Sanaullah with his task force were camping in the provincial capital to ensure that Chief Minister Punjab Ch Pervez Elahi is dethroned. He boasted that he will return to Islamabad with the gift of Punjab little realizing that things have changed and people have decided to bring back PTI into power under the leadership of Imran Khan irrespective of the well-arranged character assassination of IK and its party.

Social media teams of the government failed to fulfil their objectives. Unfortunately, in Pakistan politicians continue to display immaturity with increased intolerance and hatred against each other which has resulted in a permanent confrontation between the government and the opposition. If we carefully analyze our political culture it continues to deteriorate with each passing day.

We all consider ourselves experts in every field and try to impress people but in actual fact, they get exposed because people are now much wiser to differentiate between good and bad truth and lies.

The drama staged in the Provincial Assembly to remove Ch Parvez Elahi ended in great disappointment and embarrassment for the PDM and alleged money offered to PTI and PML Q members met with failure, and claims of Rana Sanaullah to defeat the vote of no confidence fell flat.

What a wonderful display of democratic norms where the federal government tried to topple the provincial government negating all the principles of democracy much talked about on daily basis.

CM Punjab after winning a vote of no confidence as per promise had sent a summary to Governor Punjab for the dissolution of the assembly as expected the governor did not approve the summary and the assembly stood dissolved after 48 hours as per the constitution of Pakistan. Likewise, a summary of the dissolution of the KPK assembly was sent to the governor who signed it and the provincial assembly of KPK stood dissolved.

Caretaker CM Azam Khan Former Principal Secretary of IK has been appointed as caretaker CM of KPK, whereas the issue of Punjab caretaker CM was sent to ECP who has nominated the most controversial person Mohsin Naqvi as caretaker CM, which has been rejected by PTI and decided to go to Supreme Court. It looks to be intentional perhaps to delay the elections.

The current crisis can change the fate of Pakistan and has the ability to turn Pakistan into the model country of the world. But, who will do it? IK? Zardari? Sharifs? Independents? No, not at all.

This is a golden chance and opportunity for the people of Pakistan to wake up to ground realities and think over the future of their children and carry out an analysis of events that have taken place in Pakistan and decide the line of action to steer the country out of the crisis.

No one can deny the fact that it is corruption that tops the list in Pakistan that has become a permanent feature of Pakistan politics and it has entered all the institutions of Pakistan thus shaking the foundation of our country. Surprisingly the majority of the intellectuals is engaged in supporting corrupt politicians and prefer them over honest people.

No party has ever fulfilled the promises made to the people of their constituency but even then people vote for them, therefore, we always find old faces on government benches and sometimes in opposition, this circus goes on unabated.

Out of 220 million people of Pakistan Imran alone stood to do away with the dynastic politics and bring political reforms that revolve around the elite who are either in opposition or in the government, prominent leaders are facing corruption charges of billions of rupees and now are busy in changing laws to their own benefit little realizing that these cases can be reopened by the next government.

IK’s four years in power to reform the system failed because he became hostage to coalition partners and more so in the hands of the establishment under Gen Bajwa who claimed he was helping IK in running the country, a grave violation of the oath and constitution of Pakistan. Simple question when you have the power, not the authority no change could be brought.

During his four years in power in spite of difficulties in the centre and Punjab and eight years in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa poor people were helped through different schemes launched and gave them relief, he was ruthless with his own dear ones and made no compromise and invited their wrath. He is perhaps the only PM who raised the honour of Pakistan internationally. His speech in 2019 UN shall remain a most outstanding feature as long as the UN lives.

One of the former Foreign Secretary had commented that what IK did in one speech at UN our 100 ambassadors deployed throughout the world failed to deliver. Lastly, we cannot and never give any example since the creation of the world of the modus operandi adopted in a vote of no confidence against IK.

No negative propaganda can help old political clout to come back into power, people are now determined to bring change come what may. Government and majority of the media and few writers are busy defaming IK by floating old stories without any positive response from the people.

He may be disqualified or jailed but PTI shall stay as at present we have no substitute that can steer the country out of the crisis. It has been amply demonstrated in the results of bye-elections and rigged local bodies elections in Karachi. slot slot pulsa slot slot online