Step into change abandon erroneous policies of incapacitated regimes

Except minor changes the present Government repeatedly making erroneous decisions implementing the same orders & policies of previous corrupt and incapable regimes used to exercise on various occasions. In the last seven decades setting aside the interest of nation and country keeping in mind their particular gains numerous political and dictatorial regimes run the matters of the country in short terms basis which always gives unrepairable damages to the country and its people.
Thus in such circumstances the incredible harangues of Imran Khan made his personality most promising and Agreeable to the people especially for young generation among the other politician of his time. Perhaps these are realities for why the nation extended an overwhelm suffrage in favor of (Pakistan Tehrik Insaf) PTI and destined him a real emancipator whom definitely liberate them from the clutches of Machiavelli politicians. They have also great expectations upon him that he is the only personality who can evolve a precise and appropriate parable of change by making a discernable development and progress for the oppressed people of Pakistan. Albeit even after elapse of more than a year period of time yet they omit to attain a visible breakthrough in this respect and if I am not wrong it perceives likewise his previous successors always IK also try to obtain credit by making barren promises with his supporters across the country.
In ordered to obviate & mitigate the increasing resentment among majority of his supporters and voters it is mandatory for the PTI government to without consuming further time grope a remedy and ameliorate the dilapidated governance of his regime. Somewhat it is then become possible without pardoning the fiascos of responsible proponents hastily shun out or make drastic reshufflings in the bureaucratic system and also contemplate in the party rankings including other alley political parties whom so far haplessly became the substantial cause of derision of PTI Government.
Verily it is tale of woe that In the Government and public sector organizations numerous positions occupied by the personals without possessing the required accredited qualification from accredited Universities, owing to their incapability’s the institutions become at the verge of crumpling. Thus in a verdict the apex court of the country already cautioned the government that it shouldn’t allow or permit any person to perform professional engineering work as defined in the “Pakistan Engineering Council” Act, whom doesn’t obtained accredited engineering qualification from an accredited engineering institution and his name is not registered as engineer or professional engineer under the PEC Act. Whereas in contras abundance of nonqualified and having nonrelated qualification individuals are still posted on numerous important technical seats in the organizations.
Besides these authorities of law enforcing agencies across the country deliberately reposing in their respective pits of areas, in such circumstances the criminals and rascals are entirely free and unbridled to consummate their nefarious plans. It is tyranny our society is completely in grip of the yearn of becoming overnight opulent & befitting such circumstances without any impediment jailbirds playing with the health of people of Pakistan by making adulterations and contaminations in the edibles and also such proponents never vacillate to sell even fake lifesaving drugs to public at large. In addition to the above fact this may also not be in your information as equated to the past incapacitated governments in these days the land grabbers are very active with the assistance of their colleagues having seated on the important positions in the government organizations.
Gradually with the passage of time Crime & infringe activities in our milieu are intensifying precipitously. Ascertain, it is also observed that entire outcomes of aforementioned situations befallen just because of those incapable personals whom holding the key positions in the organization and paying no heads to hamper such criminal activities. It is required for the high incumbents to meticulously ponder upon the prevailing dilapidated situation and quest an appropriate remedy of the problems of ordinary people and never let them on their predestination.

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