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Taliban to eradicate Daesh after US exit from Afghanistan


DOHA: The Afghan Taliban vowed to eradicate terrorist organisation “Daesh’ within a month after American soldiers exit Afghanistan.

“Eliminating Daesh is not a problem for us,” said Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen. “It will take us only a month to do so.”

During an interview with a foreign news outlet, Shaheen disclosed that the Afghan Taliban was hunting down terrorists belonging to Daesh by dismantling their terror network but the incumbent Afghan and US government shifted them to safe havens.

“We were killing Daesh terrorists until the Afghan and US government began supporting them,” he stated.

Shedding light on the Afghan peace talks, Shaheen said the dialogue with foreigners pertained to not allowing any country or terrorist organisation using Afghan land to conduct or plan attacks on US forces.

“If the talks with US yield success then we will hold a dialogue with the Afghan government,” he concluded. – NNI


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