Technological development is essential


Indeed, technology has paved the way for the advancements in all spheres of life. From, doing business to the household it has made everything easy to do.Nowadays, it has become very important part of our lives. Everyone enjoys its benefits in respect of their use.
For instance, students use it as tool of collecting data, attending online lectures, learn through various online portals and prepare for various recruitment tests.Teachers utilize it for preparing lectures, conducting research, making notes for students and above all the educational institutes are arranging online classes in case if on-campus classes are suspended due to any mishap. Such as, at present for avoiding large gatherings to hinder the spread of the lethal pandemic i.e.COVID-19 the governments are adopting online system to arrange online classes throughout the world.
Beside these technological advancements have made the world a global village where every person can easily connect with anyone in the world without the hindrance of distance.Video calls, messaging and social websitesare the sourceswhich enable the users to communicate and contact with their peers and beloved ones whenever they want. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Orkut, Instagram and Twitter are main sources of communication where the users remain updated and connected with each other. Now a person does not need to travel from USA to China only to see his relatives as he is connected with them through these sources of communication.
It further facilitates the business activities around the world. For example, few decades ago the trade between countries was of much hectic. The business persons had to travel from one corner of the world to the other in search of markets for supply. But today the world is different. The technological developments have facilitated the business activities. Now, the companies can sale their products in any place of the world without the fatigue of traveling. Further, the business transactions are also easily done through the online facility of banks and financial institutes. Even, now the companies are shifting towards the virtual presence of their shops on online websites and provide all information about their commodity to its consumers and attract their interests through online adverts.
This revolution has also enabled the small entrepreneurs to establish their own startups in a nominal investment.For instance, a house wife is now on a single step away from starting her own business i.e. online selling of day to day products including clothes, toys, and other male female products in their own social circle through their social website accounts. In addition to this, the traditional business of selling and purchasing of huge tangible products such as cars, houses, furniture, machines, devices and manymore can easily be sold through the online websites. Ali baba express and Daraz are the cases in point. You or your family can now shop directly from Daraz whatever they want just in few clicks.
Such an enormous ease due totechnological development has now made the life easy and smart. It is now of the minutes’ matter to purchase a car without visiting any car showroom physically. You will get all necessary information about the car along with certification of fitness and even if you want the seller may come to your place for test derives. OLX and Pak Wheels is the perfect example in this regard where millions of products including thousands of Car categories are listed and any person can easily scroll and dugout the needed one for his or her use. Take into account the case of Facebook groups and pages where the users create pages according to the nature of their business and provide updates to the followers on daily basis to market their products. Certainly, the technological development has provided an easy, smart and rapid method of doing business without huge cost of doing business.
It is also most important in industrial sector. As, in past the industrialists had to use heavy machines which consume a lot of power and cost but due toexpansion in technology those massive machines’ structures are now replaced by smart and more efficient but less in size machines which are also easy and secure to operate.
This mechanical development of technology has revolutionized all spheres of life related to the machines. Even, automobile is also modified through the technologicaldevelopments. Taking into account the example of hybrid car, bullet proof car andluxurious car these all are the development in automobile sector because of advancement of technology which have made traveling, easy, comfortable and secure.
To sum up it is of worth saying that due to technological growth our life has become easy and safe. Now we can complete ours of work in a minimal time. It is only because of the technology that a person in China can sale in its products in a very low developed country of Africa or south Asia. It is because of technology that no person is deprived the opportunity to bring himself/herself in streamline to compete with the world. No doubt technology has paid a lot to the human being and has set the path for a bright and smart future.