Thank you Modi

Past events starting from 14 Feb 2019 onwards were very perturbing and critical that shook the entire world and we were heading towards great destruction and you diffused the situation and impending war was averted and both countries were saved from possible collusion. End of the day you deserve appreciation in helping Pakistan in uniting the nation. Your efforts yielded very positive results due to your fatuity actions PTI has been able to unite entire opposition after 1973. It is in your knowledge that our opposition parties were against Imran Khan and parliament has become non functional, bringing them together was remote possibility, it was your grand plan that worked well and brought them together and the nation witnessed grand display of unity during the joint parliament session when entire opposition condemned your anti Pakistan policies. We sincerely thank you for bringing them together and we do appreciate your kind gesture.

Your latest actions contributed substantially in exposing Indian face in the international community, especially your radical mindset. Kashmir issue now is better understood and people now openly criticise about human rights violations taking place in Kashmir has further exposed you as enemy of Muslims. International community is getting closer to truth, for that you deserve special thanks. Thank you very much for exposing Jaesh Muhammad as proxy of India because they immediately claimed the responsibility of attack on convoy in Pulwama even before lifting the dead bodies. Pakistan immediately condemned this attack and offered to investigate the incident subject to production of proper evidence but you backed out. Why you are taking interest in Jaesh Muhammad and blaming Pakistan? By the way who released Masood Azhar?

You may be knowing that due to your wrong policies Kashmir has slipped away from your hands and Kashmiris are no more going to tolerate your brutality and your all actions will be met with courage by unarmed Kashmiris. Your blame game has been exposed by your own people. Thank you Modi for creating better awareness in Indian people about your ill planned operation against Pakistan that has helped a lot to us and the world now is convinced that Pakistan wants to live in peace. Whosoever advised you to stage Pulwama drama he was not your well wisher but your enemy. Your paid media and anchors got fully exposed when asked to provide evidence of causing damages to alleged terrorist camps killing 300 people, but you miserably failed to substantiate your statement with proof. Pakistan on the other hand gave proof by showing plane in flames and Wing Cdr Abhi Nandan pilot captured after he bailed out and fell in our territory.

Thank you Modi for creating more friends in India in favour of Pakistan who have the moral courage to speak the truth and state real facts. I would like to reproduce statements of some of your renowned personalities that include journalists, writers etc. Rana Ayub Indian journalist said “Imran Khan is ahead of every body” Mahbooba Mufti former CM Occupied Kashmir said” Pakistani Prime Minister has demonstrated as real statesmanship” Rajdeep sirdesai Indian journalist said that we Indians may not like this but morally Imran Khan is the winner” Saga Rega Ghoos an Indian journalist said with due apology from Modi sahib today Imran Khan has defeated him in diplomacy, war strategy and popularity” Krishan Partap Singh Indian writer said he has never seen any Pakistani prime minister humiliating Indian prime minister” Shobha Day Indian writer said Imran Khan we are grateful for returning our hero ” Wikram Chandra Indian journalist said if we do not welcome Imran Khan decision it will be meanness on our part” Naujat Sidhu said your spirit of friendly gesture has brought happiness to billions of people” Silytury Pathi Indian journalist and writer said Imran Khan has won the match by hitting a sixer” Nandi Verma Indian journalist said you hit sixer on full toss ball and won the match” Sidhinder kakarni Indian columnist said Mr Prime Minister accept heartfelt thanks ” such are the sentiments of journalists of your own country. These journalists have raised image of our Prime Minister and as a result our peace efforts have been appreciated and applauded by international community. This could have never happened without your cooperation. We are thankful to you. Thank you Modi for raising the image of Pakistan in the international community as peace loving country. Your anxiety is understandable on the return of captured pilot as a peace gesture depriving you to use it as an election tool “Iss tara tu hota hai iss tara kay kamoon main”.The captured pilot statement has un nerved you and the airforce but you should appreciate his straight forwardness. How the world has reacted on release of pilot is now part of history. It’s time to accept offer of Imran Khan and sit together to settle all outstanding issues including the core issue of Kashmir the only way to remove the tension between the two countries, whether you win or lose the solution depends on your attitude listen to the voice of Kashmiris and give them their due right and the peace shall prevail.
Pakistan should remain alert till the elections in India are over, Mr Modi may indulge in some misadventure for face saving.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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