The IK Paradox

Seldom write….firstly I am a bit lazy and secondly who cares…
But lately so much is caught up inside that I feel the urge to vent it out.
While growing up and learning to gather experiences I was always very curious to find out what lay ahead.
During the journey one fact remained constant…humans take ages to change!
It was in 1995 or 1996 that I first met Imran that time he was transitioning from a former hero cricketer to a potential social diva and the greatest philanthropist ever to be born in Pakistan.
Mr. Khan with all his fiery passion to pursue philanthropy and the burning desire to bring about a social change through public service enabled him to achieve his goal in the shape of a big health wonder..but what happened next?
The man never stopped there!
He was sucked into the myth created by some that he had all the capabilities of being the ultimate Messiah…The Saviour!!
And that was how the whole story was woven!
Imran Khan lost his direction…
He got surrounded by people of mediocre vision and political myopia who would day and night tutor him and tell him that he is the future of Pakistan.
Now that future is our present now.!
In the past thirty years or so all the constants became variables and the variables became constant!
Without knowing the facts on ground and inching the terrain of the country PTI gained ground and established the very rule which it once fought against or created a perception of doing so.
The slogan of change apparently got popularised and people started believing it forgetting that change itself is a very misleading concept.
It does not necessarily imply stability, sense of direction, policy formulation or continuity of sanity.
It is paradoxical path which often leads to chaos and melting of elements in a pot.
Unless Mr. Khan categorically dismisses this notion he would appear to be as cross dubbed and confused as he is right now.
He must also comprehend this reality that change in its nature is usually destructive, disarrayed and accidental.
Only change which is meaningful is possible when its evolutionary and personally I do not see any evolutionary process starting now or in near future!!

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