The longevity of undue criticism

What a tragedy of this nation when it demands unity and unanimity and being all on one page we continue to spread hatred amongst each other especially against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Modi’s illegal presidential order for doing away article 370 and 35-A to end special status of Jamu and Kashmir Imran Khan is being criticised on poor handling of core issue of Kashmir. My just one question to all the politicians, journalists, TV anchors, writers, intellectuals, known lifafa journalists, pro Indian NGO’s, known critics of Pakistan and snakes in the sleeves should anyone be politicking on Kashmir and criticising Imran Khan on this occasion when Kashmir is bleeding round the clock, when pallet guns are being used against women and children, when the valley is cut off from rest of the world? When there is curfew? When unarmed children women are being shot? When people cannot go to doctors, where pregnant women die pre maturely, when the entire valley is handed over to troops to do anything they like? When additional 80000 troops have been added to already over 7 lac force? When all the shops and businesses are shut? Is there any justification on anybody’s part to curse the Prime Minister . What he has to do with Modi’s action. The answer is very simple he stands firm on commitment to people of Pakistan that he is not going to compromise on the corruption and looted money and accountability process will go on and no one will be allowed to take any advantage under its cover. That is the main reason that NAB has been made independent. Close door meetings, holding of APC’s and using dirty language at the floor of the house cannot deter him from his main objective and in the bargain he is prepared to go home.
Who does not know that Kashmir problem is lingering on since we got independence. How India occupied Kashmir is history no need to repeat But the fact remains when Kashmiri freedom fighters were about to take over Srinagar the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Lal Nehru rushed to UN and agreed to hold plebiscite and gave undertaking to Kashmiris to decide their fate that resulted in ceasefire under UN resolution, that is yet to be implemented. Here I would like to quote statement of Jawaharlal Lal Nehru appeared in Amrita Bazaar Partika Calcutta on Jan 2, 1952.”Kashmir is not the property of India or Pakistan. It belongs to the Kashmiri people. When Kashmir acceded to India, we made it clear to the leaders of Kashmir people that we would ultimately abide by the verdict of their plebiscite. If they tell us to walk out. I would have no hesitation in quitting Kashmir. We have taken the issue to the United Nations and given our word of honour for a peaceful solution. As a great nation, we cannot go back on it. We have left the question of final solution to the people of Kashmir and we are determined to abide by their decision”
Under article 370 and 35-A Kashmir has enjoyed special status and has been the part of Indian Constitution, and it could not be revoked but Modi has done it against all rules and law. It is not surprise but it was anticipated because Modi had included in his manifesto to do away with this clause. This has now been challenged in the Supreme Court of India. There is a provision in the constitution of India that any attempt to make any amendment in the constitution which is in conflict with the basic structure of constitution can be annulled and Indian Supreme Court has done it in some cases. Indian media and intellectuals have also come out in public and condemning this stupid action on the part of India. The entire valley is on fire Kashmiris are protesting this Indian action of revoking the article 370 and 35-A, strangely world conscious as usual is in deep slumber. Prime Minister called joint session of the parliament but people seen how the parliamentarians behaved, their non serious attitude, personal attacks on Imran Khan and turning this important session in to Tamasha shall be long remembered. The Luke warm attitude on the part of Muslim countries and world powers does reflect one thing predominantly that we failed miserably in selling our narrative to international community on Kashmir and get their support except for China. On the other hand it is death of constitution of India, scrapping Tashkent Declaration, Simla Agreement of 2 July 1972 and a very big slap on the face of United Nations
It is so strange that Prime Minister is being criticised in some talk shows and social media that Trump has trapped Imran Khan when President Trump on a question asked by a foreign correspondent that how does he view Kashmir issue, in reply Donald Trump said that Modi had requested him to help resolve the age old dispute between India and Pakistan which later on denied by India but US is firm on its statement. So strange some people criticising Imran that it is after his visit that India has annexed occupied Kashmir. Why don’t these people understand that Modi had already declared that he will annul the article 370 after winning the elections, he just did it without making any announcement. Now Whitehouse spokesperson has said that Washington did not know the intentions of Modi on Kashmir, why blame unnecessarily the Prime minister. What should be our line of action? This was the question put to house and no one had any answer. The government has taken many steps in this direction namely, we are approaching United Nations, step up our diplomatic support, we may close air space, closed Wagha border for trade, cancelled Samjhota Express, Expelled the Indian High Commissioner, not sending High Commissioner designate to India, we are exposing India on all international forum. Pakistan is engaged in crucial talks with Taliban on Afghanistan issue, Pakistan may well approach USA to help us on Kashmir issue and shall not rest till such time relief is provided to Kashmiris.Let this be stated categorically we cannot win war with India, both nuclear states, use of nuclear options shall destroy both the countries therefore we have to fight at the diplomatic level, the only option. Example is before us, US has spent three trillion dollars over 13 years, end result is mission not accomplished, had to sit across the table and talk and talk. By attacking India we can convert Pakistan in Tora Bora to what use. US has the largest piles up of nuclear assets did not exercise option of exploding some nuclear device in Afghanistan, fought conventional war with air superiority even then failed to meet the objectives, forced by the circumstances to go for peace talks that is what Pakistan has to do. Stop blaming Imran, stop criticising government, but join hands as the issue is common and dear to all the political parties. Lastly Imran did well to ask all the opposition sitting in the house, if they want to attack India, the leader of the opposition said they never meant that we should attack India. So far so good then stop politicking and sit jointly to build national consensus. In the words of John F Kennedy “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty”

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