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The missing jewel


Once upon a time there lived a king named Philip. He was a kind and a fair king who was loved by his people of his kingdom.
Now Philip had a brother named joseph. He was the complete opposite of his brother Philip. Mean and selfish unlike his brother Philip. When Joseph’s father was the king he banished joseph from his castle because of his selfishness and Joseph became a poor cobbler. The people of the kingdom barley came to joseph.
One fine day the king called a guard “I’m going to the forest call the best of the best guards and bring the best horse. “Yes sir” said the guard. So the king went to the forest with 6 guards.
At night time the guards placed a tent for the king. As the king was sitting near the camp fire his guards had placed down he saw something glowing behind the bushes the king said to one of his guard “Bring me that thing glowing behind that bush. “Yes sir”. When the guard came back he had a jewel in his hand. “Wow it’s so mesmerizing”. The king kept the jewel safely in his tent and in the morning he returned back to his kingdom and kept the jewel in a safe place that only the king and his brother joseph knew. You see when Philip’s father was the king he also used to keep his treasure in that secret place so joseph knew about it
Now everyone knew about the jewel but when Joseph came to know about the jewel his head was filled with selfishness.
At night time joseph snuck in the castle and stole the jewel. In the morning Philip went to see the jewel he was shocked. He couldn’t find the jewel he searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. A search was held. The king announced “if anyone finds the jewel and return it to the castle he or she will be rewarded handsomely” when joseph heard about that he had already sold the jewel for more than a million dollars the Person that joseph sold the jewel went straight to the king. The king asked the person ” ohh my what’s your name young man and where did you get this jewel from” “my name is Harold and joseph your brother sold me this jewel”. “What” “guards bring joseph to the castle” ordered king.
When joseph was bought the king asked “Why did you take the jewel” in anger there was complete silence the king commanded “guards take him to the dungeon” “no please” said joseph “well since your my brother I will show mercy on you but you will still be punished, I will banish you and never step in this kingdom or else you will go straight to the dungeon”. “Guards take him away” “yes sir” said the guards. “Now as for you Harold you bought the jewel you will be rewarded handsomely”. When the king said a guard came with a big bag of gold. Here you are this is sixty million gold coins” “thank you so much” “your welcome” and as for joseph he was banished from the kingdom forever”