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The Nest I/O presents Pakistan’s first startup youth weekend today

Source: Dawn

Pakistan’s first Startup Weekend Youth will commence today where children between the ages of 11-16 will present innovative ideas to future entrepreneurs.

This a wonderful opportunity that will boost creativity in our aspiring leaders of tomorrow. The attendees will get a chance to learn from the entrepreneurs during the event and will further learn entrepreneurship skills, and how create and sustain a startup.

Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and the founder of The Nest I/O, said “It is important for children to know at an early age that entrepreneurship is also an option – that they can grow up to be job creators and not necessarily only job seekers”. She also said that “I’m a strong believer in teaching children about entrepreneurship at a young age, because as we all know, chances are you wont be successful with your first startup, or even the next one.”

She further hoped that this program will be the first step in this field for the attendees and will instill an entrepreneurial mindset so they grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

The participants will work on the shortlisted ideas with the aid of mentors and coaches during the weekend and develop working business models and prototypes.

The coaches that will attend the program include  Saba Khalid, Founder of Aurat Raaj, Sameer Ahmed Khan, Founder of Social Champ, Muhammad Waqas, Co-Founder WonderTree, Amna Asif, Founder Relive Now, and many other successful entrepreneurs.

Startup weekends, a non-profit education event, typically demand creativity, team work and dedication and allows the youngsters to use their imaginative minds to innovate and build upon their ideas.

Each team will have the help of an adult coach, however all teams will be expected to manage itself in order to optimise time.

The final judging will be held on Saturday evening and winning team will be awarded a trophy.