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Tributes to a legend


It was an emotionally charged morning on 9th July, 2016 .Dr. Ruth Pfau, Founding Member MALC, on Edhi’s passing away called a meeting of her staff members and said:
“The news has affected us- –
Do you think we should pray for him?, one of the team members asked. Her answer was NO…
Why not?, is the bewildered reaction.
Because he went already straight to heaven, is the explanation.
To which everybody agreed. Edhi did go straight to heaven!
But Edhi’s gain has been Pakistan’s loss – we, we needed him. We do need him, not to lose hope – Not to lose hope that Pakistan still can, can have dreams. Dreams which become reality.
What can we all do to keep Edhi’s dreams and his memory alive?
That we make it reality: We want more than only earn, earn money for ourselves! We want Edhi’s dream hundredfold, thousand fold replicated and think of all our sisters and brothers in need!”
A visionary’s tribute to a visionary…a befitting tribute to a great humanitarian by another humanitarian…
Some people are born to serve, both Edhi and Dr. Pfau were cut from the same cloth. We cannot put in words the work Edhi sb has done. But what we can do is to help others who are in need selflessly. The lesson which his personality gives out is prioritizing others without any prejudice. Helping others when they need help. He was an institution and left behind a legacy which cannot be matched. However, EDHI FOUNDATION is still working for those who are looked down upon in every possible way. He used to say that “No religion is higher than Humanity and my religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion”. His work reflected his thoughts, he helped everyone by developing the largest network of ambulance service under his Foundation’s umbrella. And when questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’, he rightly said because my ambulance is more muslim than you.
Edhi was “Abbu” (Father) or “Nana” (Grandfather) for the children at Edhi Homes. These homes have been taking care of the children who have been abandoned, besides this the elderly, injured, mentally challenged, addicts and the list goes on. These homes are open for anyone who are left or thrown away by their own family for one or another reason. The Jhoolas (Cot) in front of Edhi Homes is placed for the unwanted children who are mostly thrown away in the garbage. Edhi has been and still making a difference in the lives of many through his foundation.
Edhi’s work knew no boundaries, wherever there was a catastrophe he was present. His Foundation was working for humanity without any bias. He has been on forefront whenever any emergency hit without caring about his age, health. In an interview given to a journalist in Lahore in 1991, Edhisaid,”I want to request the people not to invite me to social gatherings and inaugural ceremonies. This only wastes my time which is wholly devoted to the well-being of our people.” His time and he himself was a very devoted person, though he was not educated but he taught a lesson and in his own words he said, “Illiteracy is a disability only for those who lived their lives walking and talking while their minds slept.”
I will be unable to capture the vast scope of his services in words as no words can do justice to the work he has done. What needs to be done is that we should be reaching out and helping others, especially in the trying times of the pandemic we all have been going through. It’s not always the monetary help that makes a difference in someone’s life. Start with being empathetic towards others, listen to others and understand that sometimes giving an ear to someone can make a difference. Volunteer for the charities, all the charities are struggling due to the devastating effects of COVID…and as we move beyond we need to keep the spirit of EDHI alive.