Trump’s approach on Afghanistan

The PM, who returned from the US after completing his three-day visit, was given a warm welcome by senior party leaders and workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.PM says Pakistan, US share same objective of Afghan peace. Imran promised to make Pakistan a great nation. Earlier in Washington, the PM told members of the US Congress that Pakistan and the United States shared the same objective of reaching a peaceful solution in Afghanistan. The need for better coordination between the US and Pakistan for restoring peace to the war-ravaged Afghanistan was also discussed at a meeting on Tuesday between PM Imran Khan and US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo. The prime minister said that Pakistan would continue to work with the US to promote the Afghan peace process. Pakistan was trying its best to get the Taliban engaged not just with the US but also with the Afghan government and would continue to do so. Secretary Pompeo emphasized the continued importance of the United States and Pakistan working together to advance shared priorities, including Pakistan’s significant role in supporting the Afghan peace process and counterterrorism.
The regional security situation and bilateral military cooperation between Pakistan and the United States dominated Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa’s talks with his American counterparts. The army chief, who accompanied Prime Minister Imran Khan on his three-day visit to Washington, also met US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor gave an update on Gen Bajwa’s engagements in a series of tweets on Wednesday. Besides Secretary Pompeo, the COAS also met Acting Defence Secretary Richard Spencer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Joseph F. Dunford and Joint Chief of Staff Gen Mark Milley. He was also part of the delegation that accompanied the prime minister on his visit to the White House. Gen Bajwa was received at the Pentagon by Gen Dunford and was presented a 21-gun salute. The US leadership acknowledged the contributions of Pakistan Army in the war against terrorism and its role Afghan peace process. Mr Qureshi said the prime minister decided to bring the country’s top generals to Washington because the discussions involved economic, political and security issues. President Trump appreciated their presence, noting that it showed the country’s civil and military leaderships are on the same page on all major issues. The foreign minister rejected the suggestion that this was the first time the country’s top military leadership participated in talks with the US administration. Gen Kiani was with me on the table, as was Gen Pasha, when I held similar talks as the foreign minister of the PPP government,” he said.
The Foreign Office said bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States have been reset after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful three-day visit to Washington to meet US President Donald Trump.FO Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal stated that during the high-level moot, the two leaders agreed to strengthen their partnership to bring peace and economic stability in South Asia. They also decided to improve the potential of sectors including trade, defence and security. President Trump praised PM Imran’s vision for peace in Asia and offered to mediate in talks with India regarding the Kashmir issue, a gesture Faisal said has been welcomed by Islamabad. Referring to the Afghanistan conflict, he said that Pakistan is facilitating the issue which has been acknowledged by the US. In recent interaction with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Donald Trump spoke about the Afghan issue. The US president said while meeting Mr Khan that he could easily win the Afghan conflict but did not “want to kill 10 million people, while adding that the US could wipe Afghanistan “off the face of the earth”. Regrettably, the US has been unable to liberate itself from Afghanistan for several years.
US started off as a mission to punish those involved in the Sept 11 terror attacks has changed into an open-ended war; further, the Americans have also tried nation-building in Afghanistan, trying to impose a Western type of democracy in a strictly tribal society already cooling from instability and war since the 1970s. However, these trials have been not successful to bear fruit, as the nation remains divided while the Taliban are said to control nearly half of the country. Rather than making enormous comments about erasing Afghanistan and killing millions of people, the American president needs to stress a reasonable exit strategy. Further the American establishment must admit that its gallant attempts at nation-building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya were incorrect and that its activities have left these nations worsened. Mr Trump was correct when he said Pakistan could assist the US exit Afghanistan. No doubt this country has played and should continue to play a vital role in bringing peace and prosperity to Afghanistan. Pakistan, the US, and all neighbours of Afghanistan have key roles to play where promoting peace between Kabul and the Taliban is involved. The alternate diplomacy between Kabul, Doha and other cities is continuing to persuade the Taliban to sign a peace deal. But the process is very slow and hard, therefore foreign countries must be cautious about the suggestion they make, and not risk inciting the situation with weak talk. The remarks of Donald trump indeed were rough and crazy about Afghanistan. Afghanistan is independent sovereign state that has his own will of power of own public. Imran Khan had secured what Pakistan has always wanted that is a seat at the table on Afghanistan and the Pakistani acknowledged. Trump even said he would like to mediate between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory of Kashmir, something India sees as a purely bilateral issue.
Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad prevented responding directly to Trump’s surprising remarks, saying instead that in his meeting with Khan, Trump had reaffirmed to the world that there is no rational military solution to the war in Afghanistan, and that peace must be achieved through a political process. Specialists imagine Trump was neither clarifying a shift in American policy nor a well considered political message but was only trying to please Imran Khan.

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