Trump’s positive approach towards Pakistan & India

The US President Donald Trump has sent a very positive message to India and Pakistan to observe restrain and avoid escalation of tension between the two nuclear armed States. The President of USA has advised the leadership of India and Pakistan to come to the negotiating table to discuss various issues facing the two Countries. Pakistan has already asking India to come for parleys and avoid creating unnecessary hype for war.

The statement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan bears ample proof of Pakistan intention for peace. Pakistan has also condemned the Pulwama attack on the Indian security forces in which 40 soldiers have been killed by a suicide bomber belonging to the occupied Kashmir. India instead of sharing the facts about the incident has been outright blaming Pakistan for the attack and wants to punish Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister ordered its armed forces to take necessary action against Pakistan as a result the India Air Force crossed the Pakistani airspace by violating International Law and carried out an attack on Balacoat (Azad Kashmir) to destroy the hideouts of JEM. The attack was total failure as there is no such hideout of JEM, while Indian media at the behest of Indian leadership claimed that Indian air force has killed twenty commanders of JEM and injuring many people around the locality. When the local population denied any killing of the people, the Indian Air Force next day tried to cross the Pakistani Air Space once again which was subsequently intercepted by the Pakistani Air Force destroying two MIG aircrafts of Indian Air Force and capturing one pilot now in the custody of Pakistan Army. Initially the India denied that her two aircrafts have been destroyed but when the photo of captured Indian pilot was released by Pakistan on international media, the India accepted and requested the Pakistan government to send back the captured pilot. Indian Prime Minister who is an extremist and a war monger had to cut the sorry figure before his nation. It is learnt that he has ordered his armed forces to take necessary action and restore the shattered Indian Air Force image, So it is quite likely that India would do something ugly against Pakistan by escalating tension, Pakistan is ready to face the challenge.

The problem with Indian leadership is that they want to dominate the region (South Asia) and want to treat Pakistan as they are treating Bangladesh i.e. complete subjugation but Pakistan is not Bangladesh, it is an independent Islamic country whose role is to promote peace. Internationally has already been recognized by the world powers. The Islamic countries take pride of Pakistan whose people are hard working and peaceful and so is its Armed Forces. India particularly the incumbent Prime Miniser Modi wants to destabilize Pakistan by sending trained agents into Pakistan, but Pakistani people and its valiant armed forces have foiled all her evil designs, are united against the extremist forces of India who hate Pakistan and want to harm her physically and economically. The mistreatment of Kashmiris in the Indian held Kashmir by the Indian Army manifest amply the mindset of a nation full of hatred against its neighbor Pakistan. The President Trump will appreciate Pakistani gesture for dialogue with India not only about Pulwama incident but all other issues which are the cause of friction between the two countries. Pakistan does not want to destabilize India nor want a war with her but if Pakistan is attacked, Pakistan will take all measures to repulse it and safeguard her territorial integrity and independence. India should shun its policies as conceived by her founding father to dismantle Pakistan, lets live and let others live.

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