Turkish CG visits Dawlance factory in Karachi to see its air conditioner line plant

KARACHI: Turkish Consul General in a group photo during his visit to the Dawlance factory, here Thursday.

KARACHI: Dawlance is the leading producer of home-appliances and electronics in Pakistan, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the 2nd largest manufacturing enterprise in Europe. The Consul General of Turkey Tolga Uçak, recently visited the Dawlance Private Limited factory (DPL-2) in Karachi, to inaugurate its newly installed, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for air-conditioners, says a Press release.
This visit of a high-ranking envoy from Turkey, holds immense importance for Dawlance, as it reflects the strong relations between the two brotherly nations, enabling socio-economic collaboration and technology-transfers for sustainable growth and prosperity. This diplomatic engagement will further strengthen the brand-equity of Dawlance and Arçelik on an international level.
Tolga stated: “It is an honour for me to share my views with you today on the cherishing relation between Turkey and Pakistan and our future strategies. After one year of my arrival, Arçelik acquired Dawlance, and there was a great communication system between Dawlance and the parent company, which was hindered by the pandemic but as the pandemic is losing its grip, the communication bridge is rejuvenating between the two companies.
I extend my congratulations to Umar, Haroon, Arçelik, and all the workforce of Dawlance making this journey of 5 years a fruitful and pleasant voyage. Also heartiest well-wishes to Dawlance for a successful venture that has completed 40 years of operation out of which five were with Arçelik, and I hope this relationship grows stronger with time.
Dawlance is serving Pakistan with all its capabilities and we will make sure that it continues its efforts, we will bring reforms in the R&D, electronics sector education and prepare skilful youth to carry forward the mission and vision we have set. My best wishes are with Dawlance and Kotch group, and I believe that they will continue to strengthen our bilateral relations. Even though my tenure is over, a new chapter is waiting for all of you, thank you.”
The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan expressed his pleasure on hosting the Turkish Consul General and said that: “It is an honour for Dawlance to be recognized by the Turkish government, as Tolga Uçak has officially appreciated our large-scale investments and efforts, to nurture higher productivity and consistent innovation in Pakistan. We remain committed to create more employment opportunities for the skilled and unskilled workforce in Pakistan, while we deploy advanced technologies to build capacity and gain expertise in local manufacturing and marketing of electronic products, supported by our nationwide network of dealers.”