Two mass shootings in US

Gun related terrorism has clearly become the normal in the US. The Dayton shooter, who was killed by the police in less than a minute, was a white man; likewise the Texas murderer is also a 21-year-old white man, who is stated to have posted online a manifesto denouncing a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas. At least 31 people were killed over the weekend in mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. 22 people were killed in El Paso after a mass shooting. Police said they found an anti-immigrant document supporting white nationalist and racist views, which they believe was written by the doubtful person. Further nine people were killed in a shooting in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio. Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl stated that the gunman had voiced the desire to commit a mass shooting. The gunman was researching violent ideologies but had not made an ultimate determination on his motive. Dayton shooting victim Lois Oglesby was out for the first time with some friends after having a baby when she was shot and killed. She said on their first date, Betts showed her video of a mass shooting and gave her a play-by-play of what was happening. Johnson said she felt it was not unusual for a psychology student to be enthralled by the terror of humans. Their relationship between them was mostly of going out drinking and talking about psychological illness.
Four patients remain hospitalized in Ohio after shooting in Dayton. Three patients remain at Miami Valley Hospital. One patient is in critical condition, one is in fair condition and one is in stable condition. All patients at Grandview Medical Center have been released. One patient remains in fair condition at the Kettering Medical Center. Ivan Filiberto Manzano, one of the 22 people killed in Saturday’s shooting in El Paso, was a caring friend and devoted father, his coworkers told CNN today. Manzano worked in marketing at a Juarez radio station about five miles from Walmart, where a gunman allegedly targeted Mexicans and immigrants. His colleagues said Manzano adored his young son and daughter and cared for his ailing mother. He was the father of a family. Apart from work, his priority was his mother, his wife and his children. Patrick’s actions were obviously influenced and informed by people were not known, and from ideas and beliefs that family do not accept or pardon, in any way. He was raised in a family that educated love, compassion, reverence, and forbearance – discarding all kinds of apartheid, prejudice, hatred, and savagery. The family’s statement praised law enforcement and first responders who came to the scene. Police said the suspected has been charged with capital murder in the mass shooting that left 22 people dead and more than two dozen wounded. Some members of each community have raised worries at the President’s visit. But the White House has understated those worries. Surprisingly, law enforcement officials till now do not know why a doubtful shooter opened fire in Dayton, Ohio, but they said it was not race hatred ground. A comprehensive and systematical investigation in coordination with the Dayton police is progressing. They said that one piece of evidence does not necessarily constitute a reason. Ohio Congressman Mike Turner, who represents Dayton and whose daughter was across the street when the shooting took place, stated he advocates stopping military style weapon sales to civilians, magazine restriction, and red flag legislation. Some Republicans strongly advocates the Second Amendment. They say that we must prevent mentally unsettled people from frightening our communities with military style weapons. They said that Republicans will also support legislation that prevents the sale of military style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit, and red flag legislation.
US President Donald Trump has visited emergency workers and survivors of a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas – one of two cities agitated by gun attacks that took 31 lives.Hispanic people were attacked in an obvious hate crime when a gunman in El Paso shot dead 22 people. Mr Trump himself has been accused of fueling hatred against Hispanic people. He came to Texas from Dayton, Ohio, where he had visited survivors of a shooting in which nine people died. Mr Trump said before leaving Washington that he was concerned about the rise of any group of hate white supremacy or any other kind of supremacy. The Democratic congresswoman who represents El Paso, Veronica Escobar, refused to meet him because of racist and hateful words and actions had caused pain to her community and her country. The El Paso shooting is being addressed as a probable hate crime. Much of the city determines as Hispanic in Texas. Attempts by Mr Trump and others to connect the shootings to mental illness have been condemned by healthcare professionals.

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