UK to send Pakistan extra £10 million in aid for flood relief


UK to send Pakistan extra £10 million in aid for flood relief

ISLAMABAD: The United Kingdom (UK) will give Pakistan’s flood relief operations an additional £10 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance.

During his visit to Pakistan, Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, the UK’s Minister of State for South Asia (FCDO), announced the addition of humanitarian aid.

Eight boats and ten portable generators were recently delivered by a UK Royal Air Force flight for use in flood relief activities, in addition to the UK’s $26.5 million pledge in humanitarian funds.

The additional funding will be used to meet immediate, life-saving requirements including those for shelter, water access, and waterborne illness prevention. According to a statement released on Friday by the British High Commission in Islamabad, the initiative would concentrate on assisting those who are still displaced and those who are returning to their land by assisting in the re-establishment of community water supplies.

Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, the UK’s Minister of State for South Asia, stated in a statement: “The UK continues to assist the people of Pakistan in recovering from the recent disastrous floods. Through our assistance, the nation’s access to safe drinking water, sanitary conditions, healthcare, and housing will be improved.

In order to make sure that UK help reaches the most severely affected regions, he continued, “We are working day and night with Pakistan and our international partners. The UK is aiding Pakistan’s economic recovery and resilience against upcoming climate disasters in addition to providing immediate assistance for life-saving requirements.

By granting duty-free access to 94% of the items shipped from Pakistan to the UK, he said that the new Developing Countries Trading Scheme of the UK will aid in the expansion of commerce.

Lord Ahmad will meet with the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and other government representatives while in Pakistan to address the floods’ effects. He will also tour the worst-affected districts and talk with important UK-funded assistance organisations operating in Sindh.

The Minister will meet with important government officials, local leaders, and representatives from assistance organisations to talk about the country’s long-term recovery and the response to the humanitarian catastrophe.