UN blacklists JeM chief

Masood Azhar, the head of the banned Jaish-e-Muhammad was named a global terrorist by the UN Security Council after a lengthy and political battle among the permanent members of the international body. From 2008, the US attempted four times to list Masood under the UNSC Resolution 1267, but every time its move was hindered by China. The latest resolution was touched soon after the Pulwama attack, which India asserted was carried out by the JeM. In the month of March, China once again put a technical stop on the suggestion pursuing the title of Masood as a global terrorist. China has for a long time rejected the listing of Masood on the reason that the process of designation of terrorists should not be political and desired consent on the issue. China defied the listing of Masood at the request of Pakistan, which reasoned the move a political motive to equate the ongoing freedom struggle in Indian-occupied Kashmir with terrorism. India tried to connect the listing of JeM chief with the Kashmir freedom struggle and some Pakistani state institutions.
After Pakistan’s strong position, which was supported by China during the secret discussions, the US, the UK and France moved a fresh trial on April 29 to designate Masood a global terrorist. In the latest offer, Pakistan was able to satisfy the UNSC members to dissociate the listing of Masood from the Kashmir freedom movement. Pakistan never wanted the label of Masood to be used as a political device to weaken the Kashmiris’ lawful freedom battle. Pakistan and China held thorough discussions before deciding on the Masood issue. It is presumed that the progress came during the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China where both sides approved to withdraw opposition to the latest move after acknowledging that Pakistan worries were addressed. In this context Masood will have to counter a travel ban, assets freeze and arms embargo. He may not be detained. The decision is nevertheless seen as model shift in Pakistan’s procedure. The prime minister made a public vow that Pakistan’s soil would not be used against any country. Nevertheless he made it plain that Pakistan would go after these groups in a just manner that the peace and tranquility of the country was not impacted.
Indians depict Masood Azhar terror listing as its tactics victory. It asserted that Pakistan had always called for all countries to rigorously conform to the listing regulation and method and maintain the uprightness of the UN sanctions administration. Pakistan believes that UN sanctions regime to strengthen political objectives is against the gain. Pakistan’s firmly decided to counter terrorism and emphasized that no country in the world can equal Pakistan’s efforts, accomplishment and sacrifices in the battle against terrorism. Pakistan says that terrorism was a threat to the world. This adds the Indian state-sponsored terrorism against blameless Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir as well as the barbarous utilization of pellet guns and human cover, which find no match in the cultured world. Indian control armed forces continue to slaughter Kashmiris, enjoying judicial freedom without punishment through oppressive laws. Pakistan will continue to deliver considerate, policy and moral support to Kashmiri brothers.
Pakistan government has quickened the execution of the National Action Plan against terrorism and radicalism. In this context Pakistan would forthwith execute the world body’s resolution. India by trick tried to match the Kashmir fight with terrorism as result of recent Pulwama attack. It effectively moved against it as India finally had to delink the Masood’s issue with Kashmir. China had always considered that the requisite work should be carried out in a purposeful manner, unprejudiced and proficient manner and on the of firm proof and consent among all parties. China underlined Pakistan’s counter-terrorism endeavors to fighting terrorism, which fit the full acknowledgement of the international community. China will continue to openly support Pakistan’s action to battle terrorist and foreign forces. Before the new suggestion moved on April 29, 2019, there had been four endeavors by India all of which had been stopped by China on technical grounds. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would try to get peak political advantage out of this growth in the current Lok Sabha elections. Bharatiya Janata Party emerged fighting before the Pulwama incident due to domestic troubles particularly the Rafale corruption scandal, economic and financial factors, and cruel treatment of minorities, nevertheless the February 14 attack on the Indian paramilitary forces appeared to have reinvigorated its political chances. India tried to use the squabble over listing to drive a jam between Pakistan and its closest associate China. Pakistan, in spite of making some advancement in surmounting the deficiency in its counter-terrorism financing and anti-money laundering regimes, persists to stay under the trouble at the illegal financing custodian. After failing to sufficiently persuade the FATF at the past examination, Pakistan is now required to finish actions it has to take by the May schedule. The next FATF entire is due in June.US expects further actions from Pakistan. It welcomes the addition of Masood Azhar to the UN 1267 ISIL and al-Qaida Sanctions list. It appreciated Pakistani Prime Minister Khan’s stated promptness that for the sake of its own better future will not permit the operation of terrorist groups from its territory. US is encouraged by measures taken by the government of Pakistan in this context.

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