The unity of corrupt politicians


All of a sudden the economy of Pakistan is in mess do you think this precarious situation about Pakistan economy has been created by Imran Khan Government? I do not think it is so, the present mess in the national economy.

Is the result of bad governance under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif who had no knowledge about the market forces that either push the economy upward or downward. He gave all the powers to Ishaq Dar who was an accountant with no knowledge or vision of economy with the result that the government was functioning by taking loans from various internal and international donors including IMF.

The last government took huge loans more than any government in the last seventy years but the economy could not pick up. Mr Nawaz Sharif was very fond of travelling abroad with his late wife and other boot lickers but he could not bring foreign investment into Pakistan nor he could boost the exports with the result the gap between import and export increased awfully, thus the trade deficit.

Moreover the corruption was the order of the day in every department, Nawaz Sharif patronized corrupt officers and had the neck to appoint persons at the top level who could help him carry out his illegal orders, especially kickbacks in the mega projects. The Panama papers in which his family has been accused of massive corruption is undeniable truth and his ouster from the power is indirectly related to Panamapapers.

Now his younger brother Mr Shehbaz Sharif who ruled Punjab for almost ten years is under custody and is being questioned about the alleged corruption in Ashiana housing project. Besides he is allegedly involved in the killing of PAT workers three years ago in Model Town, where the workers of PAT were protesting against the lawlessness of the Punjab government. Now Sharif family says that they are politically being victimized and the incumbent government is taking revenge from them, while the fact is otherwise. Imran Khan in his speech on the floor of National Assembly on the first day had declared that he would not spare any corrupt person including the top government officials who carried out illegal orders from Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif helping them make huge money illegally.

So the present mess in the economy is the result of mismanagement done by the past government, the top brass of the past govt. indulged in massive corruption as I wrote earlier, the government of Imran Khan has inherited it and as such the government has to take decisions which will not be appreciated rather he will be criticized. The opposition is making hue and cry saying that the actions of the present government are one sided which is not the fact, all those corrupt elements who have damaged the economy, looted the peoples money are being apprehended and interrogated.

Imran Khan had already said that he will not spare the corrupt especially those who were in power for the last thirty or forty years, now these very elements are trying to call it a personal vendetta, which is not the fact, if the corruption is not checked or rooted out from the Government, Pakistan cannot progress even the present weak democracy cannot function or survive. The Government of Imran Khan has also assured that those officers who are not corrupt should not worry and nobody will harass them.

It is rightly said that all those corrupt elements are now gathering together under Nawaz Sharif to create problems for the Government with the sole purpose to withdraw cases against them, but Imran Khan will not be deterred by their threats, he will fulfill his promise to arrest corrupt elements and bring the looted money back into the country from abroad, as this is the only solution while going to IMF is the short term goal to bailout the government from the current economic mess Let Imran Khan rule the country for five years and if the opposition parties tried to create hurdles in his path, curtail the democratic process someone with more power will lead the nation with their own philosophy with iron hand to eliminate corruption and introduce good governance.