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US and China engaging in squabble


Stepping up of rivalry between China and the United States has wide-ranging global repercussions, it has been described as a new Cold War and is a consideration of how the new US administration has taken upon itself as the world’s number one challenge or threat to its global authority. Mobilising all its resources and bringing together its European and Asia Pacific allies to put up a joint front to balk its rise. Disquietude and nervousness and a compelling urgency in Washington to counter China, its rise may gain strength and become tenacious. To be sure, the assumption of the US is partly true that China has the making and resolve of a future global supremacy. If, in the coming decades Beijing maintains the steady course it will challenge US supremacy despite repeated assurances that it has no intention in this regard.
As an aside Washington’s reaction borders on obsessions. Maybe the reason being that the US has endured absolutely militarily or economically ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union on 1991 December 26.
In order to undermine China’s economy and rising military capabilities, the US has imposed multiple sanctions and blacklisted its triumphs companies that were trading with the US on the basis that these were satiating in stealing technology and dereliction of duty. Gainsy them any access it expects to retard China’s technology and manufacturing competencies. Under former president Donald Trump the US administration had blacklisted 31 Chinese companies and declared several Chinese firms forbidden to American investors including telecom, construction and technology firms and China Mobile. The list has been further expanded to nearly 60 by the present US administration.
China is compelled to take mutual steps and banned several US companies. So, the world economic order that we witnessed over the last few decades is undergoing a turbulence and a cataclysm. How do the global markets and Brobdingnagian multinationals and IT companies adjust to these changes ? How it will affect smaller economies and countries like Pakistan is of serious note?
Clearly, it will need airy balancing of strategic relations with China while cooperating with the US in matters of mutual interest. This surely is not easy but Pakistan’s Foreign Office and military have the experience and ability to manage in complex environments.
This time is where paramount nations realise that military dominance has to be accompanied by power of pecuniary. Joe Biden’s earliest focus and strategy is to weaken China economically by raising trade barriers, denouncing it of malpractices and taking multiple measures to put brakes in China’s pecuniary power.
The US claim, generally shared by other European partners and Japan, is that Chinese companies do not cohere to concur international usuals and practices in doing business. Genuinely, in a few cases , this is not odd to China and many Western and other nations have been accused of similar charges when they tried to dominate the globular marketplace.
Like, China’s economic capability increases and tensions between the US and China rise, it is likely that Beijing that has been satisfied with a modest nuclear capability of anywhere between 250 to 350 weapons may decide to upgrade and increase two or three times its nukes by the next decapod.
Apparently, this is miniature in comparison with the US and Russian nukes, nevertheless would reflect a more aggressive trend, impartial that it will not be a menace.
Additionally, rendering to experts China has made rapid progress in build-up of its medium-range missiles, with multiple warheads that are now more lethal and accurate. Besides China is building and modernising its sea based and bomber nukes, but these would take time. Obviously, including developments would present organisational as well as technological challenges and take time to full blown.
Came to be expected that as China’s military power enlarged it would have been pinched in these discussions at a certain stage to ensure strategic firmness. Ostensibly, China appeared reluctant to be a part of any global strategic consensus considering that its nukes are very small (about 5%) in comparison with the two nuclear major forces. Eschewed to get constrained by associating with them at this stage and the US considers its missile defence shield will take care of China’s threat into the bargain.
Donald Trump was scornful about arms control and international treaties. Arms control received a setback when the US withdrew from the arms-reduction negotiations with Russia during Trump’s period.
When Trump threw aside all treaties and conventions and pursued an increasingly unilateralist path, that gave the US some immediate advantages. Was that ethically right and not a breach of sorts?
Fallout from the present economic, trade and strategic confrontation between the US and China will have serious consequences for the international community. It will hurt the global economy adversely and political tensions will expand. US spreading the description that China is being double-dealer when it claims its rise will be calm, changes the full archetype which the world was hypothesize.