US threat to Pakistan


Agha Masood

The Mercurial nature president of the United states Mr Donald Trump has once again threatened Pakistan saying that Pakistan gave us only lies and deceit adding that no more aid will be given to Pakistan.The threat from Mr Trump is not new but this time he very clearly said to attack. Pakistan I think he might do that because Pakistan has said in a very clear terms that her soil will not be used against Afghnistan as Us wants Pakistan to fight Afghan Taliban along with Afghan national Army, Us and Nato forces.Pakistan refusal has angered Us president and other policy makers in the present Us administration., therefore the Us president is threatening Pakistan to fight Taliban and do more.The Government of Pakistan has taken serious note of the threat and has convened a meeting of the Federal cabinet including all head of the armed forces to analyse the statement of Us president as well to design a policy to meet the eventulaties.However it is very unfortunate that Us has not realized the great sacrifice Pakistan has rendered to fight the menace of terrorism both within and without and still today Pakistan has been fighting terrorists who come from Afghanistran to create chaos and unstabality in our country.Actually Pakistan has done more than any country in the region fighting terrorists who were supported by outside power like India and Afghanistan.Pakisatn has never fooled uSA about its role fighting against Pakistani Taliban and other rogue elements, in places like North and south Wazirstan spending more than 150 billion us dollars which badly affected the economy of Pakistan. The United states provided hardly us Dollars 25 billion to help pakistan eliminate terrorists from Pakistani soil who were posing existential threat I think the US president should review its policy towards Pakistan and stop threatening an old friend like Pakistan.
Pakistan has several time assured Us that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and will accept Afghan owned and afghan led peace process, several meetings with Afghan leadership took place to achieve lofty ideals of peace but Afghan leadership did not respond warmly with the result the friendly relations do not exist between the two immediate neighbours..India wants Afghanistan not be friendly with Pakistan and uses the Afghan land to train terrorists to disrupt peace in Pakistan by launching terrorists attack in Quetta and KP.Moreover Indian army officers have been training Afghan National Army to fight the Afghan Taliban but the results so far has been frustrating. In other words Indian and Us troops have failed to win the war .Half of Afghanistan is controlled by Afghan Taliban while the writ of Afghan Government is limited to Kabul and its ourtskirts.If Us wants to win the war she should indulge in extensive political dialogue with Afghan Taliban who are fighting US and Nato forces who have illegally occupied their motherland.Pakistan can help and has helped US in the past to conduct political dialogue with Afghan Taliban to ensure peace in the wartorn Afghanistan But using threatening language by the Us President will further generate tension not only between the two countries but in the entire region.Pakistan is ready to face the challenge posed by the childish statement of the US president and in case us Attacks Pakistan, it might unleash third world war bringing untold death and destruction. The Us president should think twice before launching this adventure.