Vibes of VIM dawn over Pakistan


Parvez Jamil

Imagine vibes of VIM (Vision, Insight, Magnanimity) excellence dawn over national and corporate horizon with grace, dignity and honor.
This is the ecstatic aura of Late Shahjehan Syed Karim (SSK), Founder President of IoBM enlightening with spell-binding simplicity and sincerity blended with miracle educational and professional solutions to tough and tedious concerns of students, faculty, management, alumni and stakeholders. And these benefits are pleasantly shared by such IoBM friends as at LUMS, IBA, UMT, PAF KIET, BIMS and LSE to name a few in Pakistan and by friends at IoBM partner universities abroad in the Far East, Russia, Europe and USA.
As such, laurels for IoBM keep ushering in, as for example, its recognition as a top institution in business management and allied disciplines, by the Chartered Inspection Committee (CIEC), Government of Sindh and HEC, Government of Pakistan at the national level and by prestigious world ranking organizations as Ed-universal Paris and Erasmus Mundus, a consortium of European universities to name few.
SSK VIM comprises V for Vision focusing on quality education for all, of course, for those who can afford it, especially for those who cannot afford it through need cum merit based scholarships. That means purposeful education with a harmonious and rewarding blend of character building, personally development, professional and career-focused training in job, business, corporate and life excellence.
I for Insight in realising that the key to success lies only and only by understanding, giving respect to and communicating with people, infusing and reposing in them trust and confidence in fellow feeling, study and job- related skills, sharing happiness and challenges of education, work / business and life.
M for Magnanimity by leading from the front and being a trend-setter in accommodating less- privileged and all lower and higher staff, having a magnanimous heart to deliver whatever big pledges and promises are made, going beyond the institute and boundaries to convince with humble yet insightful CSR ideas and initiatives.
IoBM, Masha Allah, has been bestowed upon Allah’s blessings with Late SSK as beaconlight of Vision, Insight, Magnanimity (VIM) and an enlightening ray of hope for the devoted and committed students, faculty, management and staff, and humbly speaking, for Pakistan, our land of original purity, promise and potential.