The victory speech of IK boosts image of Pakistan worldwide

The victory speech of the Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf is being appreciated all over the world, he delivered his extempore speech like a political thinker who want to tell Pakistani people that he mean business and would everything possible solve their economic and social problems unattended by the previous governments pushing them into dire poverty and deprivation. He also said that he would not tolerate corruption at any level and would make NAB and other institution strong and forceful. Actually corruption was the main slogan of Imran Khan which attracted common man who was against of the government corruption including that of bureaucracy which so far remains unanswerable to the parliament. Now under Imran khan everyone involved in the affairs of the government will be accountable including himself. Khan also reflects his thought about foreign policy which since decades has been neglected and the image of Pakistan could not be improved. The primary reason for this was the attitude of Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who kept the portfolio of foreign ministry with himself with the sole aim to promote his business interest. Moreover Nawaz Sharif being not so educated hardly knows the complication involved in foreign affairs hence Pakistan foreign policy could not boost the image of Pakistan, while our neighbors especially India was remained successful in damaging the image of Pakistan as a state which helps promote terrorism. But now with Imran khan as a prime minister would dispel this negative impression of Pakistan. He has already said that he would promote good neighborly relations with India, if India takes one step forward to initiate friendship with Pakistan, he will go two steps further to enhance understanding and friendship for the collective good of the people of the two countries. Mr Khan also said that he would further consolidate Pakistan’s relations with China who is all weather friend of Pakistan. Similarly he mentioned Pakistan’s relations with USA with whom he would further cultivate friendly relations on equal basis. With Iran, khan said the existing relations will further be enhanced as also with Saudi Arabia.
As I wrote earlier that Imran khan s victory speech was hailed all over the world. The Indian government spokesman has welcomed the speech of Imran khan and said that under his command the relations with India would improve and take a positive direction. China and USA have already welcomed Khan Speech which would promote peace and understanding between the nations. However the role of the opposition seems negative, they would create problems for his government so that his performance is marred but to my mind the people of Pakistan will not support the opposition parties if they launch agitation against his government for the simple reason they have witnessed that he opposition parties especially Muslim league and PPP have looted the resources of the nation to benefit themselves and their cronies. The leaders of both the parties are facing judicial inquiries. Moreover the hue and cry of the opposition parties has no substance, the European Union, Common wealth observers’ as well Indian observers have said without reservation that the elections 2018 held in Pakistan on July 25 were free, fair and transparent. The spokesman for EU has lauded the role of Pakistani army which did not influence the general elections rather the army provided much needed security to the voters. I think the statements issued by the various observer group is enough to silence the allegation of the opposition parties. In third world countries it is common practice with losing parties to cry foul about the general elections, they lack moral courage to accept the truth.

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