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Views of UBG Spokesperson Gulzar Firoz


Gulzar Firoz, an experienced tanner and leather garment exporter emphasized to increase exports and imports substitution that enable to create balance of trade between export and import and ultimately our trade deficit decreased that can achieve our goal to create conducive business environment which attracts the foreign direct investment (FDI).

He said there is uncertainty in political environment therefore political stability is needed for business growth.We criticize on the Government which is unable to pay our refunds on time and unable to provide gas and electricity on reasonable tariff which reflects their mismanagement.

Strategic Framework Policy which focuses on government trade practices and business policies keeps on delaying that a businessman is unable to get direction and to give business decision.

The best positive step taken by present government is their strong action against corruption not only leaders of Pakistan’s three major political parties are facing our Accountability Courts but our bureaucracy also will go behind the bars soon. We are least bothered about their punishment,we are concerned about our country’s prosperity,therefore we have to follow Saudi Arabia Model to bring back money in the country. Further investigations revealed that $11 billion goes out from Pakistan through money laundering.

For going in right direction we need export oriented vision but the TDAP chief post is still lying vacant, so it’s the dire need to have a full-time C.E who should be energetic to boost our exports. He requested the P.M to short list some candidates from our export sector and evaluate his export oriented strategies by his presentation and give him the task to boost exports for six months. – IZ


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