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What a compliment from renown legend Anwar Maqsood for Imran Khan he said” In 71 years he has not heard such a good speech”. It is factually true, as it was not written by any speech writer, he did not consult his aides, he came, sat, he spoke and won the hearts of 200 million people of this great country. He appeared a real statesman. The nation as a whole wanted a change; they were fed up with the status quo, loot and plunder, injustices, corruption, bribery, nepotism, favoutism, and with no respect in outside world. There was a time when Pakistan Passport was respected but now even the prime ministers have to go through dirty security checks
When you speak from the heart and soul it becomes visible as it happened when would be prime minister of Pakistan addressed the nation from his famous Banni Gala residence. His speech was short, to the point and touched everybody’s heart because they wanted to hear the same which Imran spoke. Normally under such circumstances one tends to lose his direction and say anything that comes in his mind, but in this case his each and every word mattered. Before we further comment let us see what he said in his simple short speech after getting majority seats in the National Assembly. Imran Khan’s last words from 2018 election campaign “KABHI KABHI ALLAH MOQA DETA HAI- AIK QAOM KO APNI HALAT SUDHARNAY KI- APKO IS MOQAY KO JANAY NHI DENA- APNI ANAY WALI NASLOON KI BEHTRI KAY LIAY- INSHALLAH PAKISTAN KO AIK AZEEM RIASAT BANAYEN GAY” People responded to his call and thronged the polling stations to ensure Imran stands on victory stand
The crux of the speech has been to remove poverty and change condition of poor people. He outlined his future policy by touching all important issues confronting the nation. He promised application of rule of law equally to poor and rich. He further added that all the institutions of the country shall be strengthened and every one shall work under them including him and the ministers. He emphasized the need of austerity and announced that he shall not live in Prime Minister House but would live in Ministers enclave. He has plans to convert Prime Minister House in to some university or as deemed appropriate , and Governor Houses in Hotels to generate revenue for the poor people of Pakistan after consultation with member’s.He promised to strengthen Anti Corruption department, NAB and restructure FBR and streamline tax culture. He promised to cut down state expenditures. While talking about foreign affairs he admitted that it was a major challenge. He promised to improve relations with all the neighbors and USA. He stated that we will have relations with USA mutuality beneficial, it is not going to be one way as happened in the past, and we would like to have balanced relationship. While talking about China he said China is old friend and would like to further strengthen relationships and drive benefits out of CPEC and learn from their experience how 70 million people have been taken off from poverty. While talking about India he said that if they walk one step we will walk two steps. He agreed that we should have more trade that would help both the countries. He offered India for dialogue on Kashmir issue. He added that we must end blame game. He regretted the attitude of Indian Media during election campaign which portrayed him like bollywood villain. Hindustan Times Indian newspaper flashed headlines “Peace overture to India” is positive response. He emphasized that economic is the biggest challenge with big fiscal deficit and trade deficit and shall work with business community to overcome financial crisis. He promised to improve the condition of farmers, poor people, and laborers. He offered to cooperate with opposition on alleged fears of rigging. He promised to do away with lavish spending and would cut down protocols
Undoubtedly his speech is historic from all standards, he openly said that there will be no political revenge; it was painful to see for two years his personal life being discussed. He said he has forgotten it now and has to move forward.
It is very strange that critics, some anchors, analysts were very critical with the presence of Jahangir Taren at the time of speech but why they forget that when Nawaz Sharif was disqualified, Khaqan Abbasi in the capacity of Prime Minister of Pakistan would visit him too frequently and it is on record that he said that Nawaz is his Prime Minister. Such criticism should be avoided, by now they must reflect maturity. Likewise one anchor while appreciating his speech said that Imran Khan has said that he shall not live in Prime Minister House but his Banni Gala House is not less than PM House. It appears he lacks commonsense, it is his private residence and not official. Secondly Chak Shahzad has much bigger Palaces than Banni Gala, criticism for the sake of criticism should end. Imran is determined and is going to implement what he has said. Let us pray all to see that he stears the country out of economic crisis the biggest challenge this government is going to face. He has good team to handle the issues but muck created over the years cannot be turned around in days. Let him take the start and wait for the result.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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