Washington moot on ‘Mounting Human Rights Abuses’ in India

Nuzaira Azam

WASHINGTON: Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA) hosted a conference on “Mounting Human Rights Abuses in India” in Washington Metro area. Experts on subject from Pakistani and Kashmiri community expressed their concerns over continuous human rights abuses in Kashmir and in other parts of India.
Sajid Tarar, a community leader heading Muslims for Trump voiced his concern on the attitude of Muslim Ummah and said that the current Muslims persecution appears a replay of the devastation of Khilafat-e-Usmania. “Muslim countries lack a true leadership and the Indian Prime Minister and the world are taking advantage of the situation,” he added. He strongly emphasized the significance of involvement of the youth and appealed to them for their enhanced participation in community activities.
Former Pakistani Federal Minister of Minority Affairs Julius Salik said that a country could only be strong when their minorities are given rights. He further said that he was proud to say that Pakistan protects the rights of all minorities.
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai talking on the Indian abuses in Kashmir said that the Kashmiris should realize that we cannot afford to ignore the diplomatic help from Pakistan. He appealed to educate the government of Pakistan about what India is doing in Kashmir. Fai also raised his concern that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that he was the Ambassador of Kashmir but nothing has been done after that statement.
Arif Ansar, Chief Analyst, PoliTact expressed concerns about the abuses of human rights in India and questioned whether the Indian government was taking their country to past or future? He invited likeminded American Muslim to get together and find a solution and present their narrative.
Others who also voiced their concerns and participated were Dr. Samia Waseem, Sheikh Siddique, Mazhar Chughtai. Ghulam Nabi Mir, Faiz Rehman, Malik Nadeem Abid, First Secretary Political at the Pakistan Embassy Raza Shahid, Dr. Shawn, Dr. Rizwan Malik, Fazal Khaliq, Faqir Naqvi and Nuzaira Azam.
Earlier PAPA President Khurram Shahzad welcomed the guests and moderated the program. General Secretary Yousuf Chaudhry introduced the speakers and gave an outline of the program and Information Secretary Saqibul Islam gave vote of thanks.

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