Water crises & pollution serious issues of the country


Briskly appearing water crises a very serious issue for the nation. Currently, Pakistan is facing abundance of economic and social menaces, somewhat among them the most threatening subject is emerging disasters situation of water. In the Constitution of Pakistan there is no such act to protect the burgeoning depleting water resources. While it was the obligation of the previous governments to add an act in our constitution by making legislation to protect water resources of the country. Perhaps these governments were even lack of appraisal to grope appropriate solution of augmenting critical situation in the country across. Ironically till to date the concern authorities they never ever remain adhere to their job and country, rather they are having no any stratagem to restrain rapidly shrinking water resources. In terms of dereliction this was indeed the extremity of negligence and ill planning on behalf of previous governments which forced 75 percent out of our entire populous to mainly depend upon underground water reservoirs.
Some couple of years back subterranean water was available at the depth of 40 to 45 ft and now unbelievably in some areas of the country it has went down to 1200 ft. If the situation remains alike in the coming years ahead rest of the nation have to face famine like situation. In such circumstances we direly needed to chalk out a suitable formulation for hastily erection of gargantuan and small scale dams for the conservation of rain and seasonal melting snow water to meet the present and future growing requirements of irrigation as well as human consumption. Some five to six decades back in the realm of President Ayub Khan managed to build few mega & small dams which were sufficient to accomplish the requirements of that time. Thus, these lifeline resources of national economy already completed their age limits. Whereas, numerous later established governments paid no heeds to take some appropriate steps in this respect as inference gradually with the pace of time the situation is swiftly dilapidating.
Owing to environmental changes on one side we are receiving approximately 20 to 25 percent reduced annual rain fall, on other side Indian Government on a deliberate plan intending to deprived of Pakistan from its water resources and yearn of having control & keep an upper hand on Pakistan’s economy absolutely prepared to go for any extant. Accomplishments of their nefarious plan setting aside “Indus Water Treaty” engaged in constructing dams on the rivers which were according to treaty allocated for Pakistan’s absorption. A survey report reveals that River Indus normally in its peak time flows touching 378,400 cusecs and River Chenab usually in its peak season flows 74,900 cusecs, albeit this year the situation is comparatively discouraging, The flow of River Indus in its peak time mitigated to 256,200 cusecs and maximum level of flow of River Chenab in its peak time was only 39,000 cusecs. It is also observed a visible decrease in the flow of water in other Rivers and Rivulets of Pakistan as well.
In addition to that without any restriction pumping out billions of gallons from underground water reservoirs everyday by private and government’s sectors housing authorities for the usage of irrigation, industrial utilization and human consumption, indeed without any hindrance such initiative becomes the basic cause of dwindling the underground level of water to the alarming condition. A most agreeable and timely initiative of the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Justice of Pakistan for groping alternative resources of subterranean water encouraged the lettered segment of our society which was of course exigent for prevention of prevailing deteriorating situation of water reserves all over the country. A great number of patriotic mentors’ and eruditions of the country admired and welcomed their such initiative, certainly it is a prudent and adroit decision on behalf of the both of the high-ups’ whom strive to take initiatives for construction of mega & small scale dams to save the nation at the brink of famine type situation.
We also intend to remind them likewise their prompt initiative of building dams, evacuation of government owned land from usurpers and returned of embezzled money also ought to be taken appropriate masers to deter government Authorities and private town planers whom without any hindrance pumping out enumerable quantity of underground water and dragging the country towards a drought and desolation like situation. It is strongly suggested to compel these strata’s to quest alternative resources by constructing their own small scale rainwater reservoirs in their respective town planning areas. In my previous article, I attempted to bring some facts into the knowledge of high office holders about increasing industrial pollution on which the entrepreneurs paying no heeds to prevent rapidly deteriorating atmosphere omitting Co2 in the air and throwing toxic chemical contaminated water in the rivers and Nula’s without any essential treatment. Ironically, this toxic water is being brought in the usage of human consumption in the areas of downstream which seriously causing numerous type of chronic disease. Consequently, the people are very optimistic that your authority will meticulously consider to restrain such unbridled antihuman activities in the country.