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Webinar on Pak-China 70 years of diplomatic ties


Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani

PESHAWAR: China Study Center, University of Peshawar organized an online round-table on Pakistan and China 70 years of diplomatic relations at China Study Center, University of Peshawar, Friday. The event started with recitation of the Holy Quran followed by National anthem of Pakistan and then China.
Director China Study Center, University of Peshawar, Prof. Dr Zahid Anwar Welcomed all the participants, scholars and Academia from China and Pakistan. He stated that Pakistan and China friendship is all weather, it is an iron brotherhood and stronger than steel. From Bandung Conference to CPEC it is long story of friendship and mutual support and cooperation. With every passing moment this friendship strengthened in the field of Defence, economy, Science and Technology, culture and a convergence of interests developed between the two countries on global and regional issues.
Pro Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar, Prof Dr Muhammad Abid delivered a welcome address in the online roundtable. He talked about the strong friendly relations between the two countries. And discussed his personal experiences during his road trip to China through KKH. He also explains academic cooperation with Chinese university including MOUs during his two tenures as Acting Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar. He Praised China Study Center for organizing this important online round-table. He welcomed the distinguish speakers and honorable participants.
Prof Dr Ruijun Long is currently Director of China Northwest Office of CN-ICIMOD, Lanzhou University Gansu Province, China. He did his BS, MSC and PhD at Gansu Agricultural University, China and did his Post Doc from Rowet Research Institute UK. He has extensive work experience in the UK, Australia, Nepal and Pakistan. Dr LONG has taken many consulting assignments for WB, ADB, FAO, IAEA, UNDP and ICIMOD.
In his keynote address he said that it is an honor to speak in this important online round-table. The relations between China and Pakistan are model for International Relations. Under the framework of BRI and CPEC Pakistan and China will achieve more success. Gansu Province is located in the center of China and it is geographically near to Pakistan. Recently Gansu province of China has approved more than 30 million yuan to support Pakistan and Gansu joint research for example projects related to cold water fish, solar energy, agriculture machinery and disaster management.
Lanzhou University, Gansu has expertise in mountain agriculture and are cooperating with Pakistan in different projects. He said that he has supervised four Pakistani PhD students and currently there are more than 100 Pakistani research students in Lanzhou University (LZU). We are cooperating in sustainable development under CPEC.
Muhammad Mudaasir Tipu Director General (China) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan in his keynote address highlighted the emergence of China in the 21st century. He talked about his personal experiences in Beijing and Chengdu, China and underlined that China developed in a short time.
He said that there is convergence of views between Pakistan and China regarding global and regional issues. It is due to the collective struggle and understanding that both the countries are going forward. Pakistan has supported China in all the core issues and international forums and so did China. If we see today in the COVID Pandemic the cooperation between Pakistan and China is remarkable.
The President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi visited China during the outbreak of COVID-19 that was expression of solidarity of Pakistan towards China. And in the aftermath of COVID outbreak China wholeheartedly supported Pakistan in fight against COVID-19 with medicine, protective equipment and vaccines. Today is the day of 70 years relations between Pakistan and China. In Pakistan all the provinces and government officials are celebrating the 70 years relations with China because of the everlasting friendship between Pakistan and China. Despite the COVID pandemic Pakistan and China are working together in different projects under CPEC.
Mustafa Hayder Sayed Executive Director, PCI said that Pakistan has still not optimized and utilized the opportunity that China is bringing to Pakistan. We have received many investment projects in terms of roads energy that was the part of CPEC. 65 % of our population is under the age of 35 after a COVID 60 % Pakistan population is under the poverty line. We have a very big problem of poverty and unemployment; the miracle of poverty alleviation is taking place next door in China. China has completely transformed its population and lifted a hundred of millions of peoples above the poverty line.
Under the CPEC there must be targeted poverty alleviation campaign the way China has done. Pakistan should collaborate with China for poverty elevation. We should learn from Chin to develop Special Economic Zones. We should learn how China SEZs transformed China’s economy. The problem of balance of trade should be overcome.
Prof Dr Khalid Ahmad, IBA, Sukkur, Sindh did his PhD from Wuhan University China in his speech said that Pakistan was the first muslin country to recognize People Republic of China. Bandung Conference provided an opportunity for close cooperation between Pakistan and China. In 1971 Pakistan facilitated Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State USA visit to China. During the COVID pandemic Pakistan and China continued their cooperation.
KKH is another important example of cooperation between the two countries. China is a country where Pakistani feel at home. Sukkur IBA has started exchange programs with 7 Chinese Universities. We have many joint research projects with Chinese Universities.
Muhammad Ahsan Achakzai, former Director, CPEC, Chairman Department of Economics, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) said that Pakistan and China have friendly diplomatic relations. China is a global economic power. The way China development is a big surprise and we can learn much from China in development of economy, science and technology and fight against COVID. Pakistan can bring together China and the Muslim World. Pakistan is not benefiting from CPEC to the optimum. We should learn from China in human resource development and poverty alleviation.
Additional Collector Customs, FBR, Kamram Ilahi focused on the trade and Economic relations between Pakistan and China. Especially with the Treaty of friendship that was signed in 1956 which paved way too many treaties and agreements in various time for the strengthening the Trade relations. He emphasised that the two states entered new momentum in the trade after CPEC
He stated that China is emerging as a new world leader. China did not emerge abruptly but behind this emergence there is long struggle. It has developed a model of Socio-economic development. China’s poverty alleviations and inter connectivity for the region and for the world as an eye opener for the West. He stated that the new world order is emerging, and East is leading the new world order.
China is the leader of the new world order and it is unique because of the certain characteristics and because it is considered as the win-win situation for all the countries. And it is interstate cooperation rather than domination and hegemony of a specific country. Pakistan gives tremendous importance to China as China does the same. Pakistan has four trade missions in China. And in terms of investment China is the leading investor in Pakistan.
26% import come from China, which makes Pakistan is the biggest importer from China. On the other side China is the 2nd biggest exporter from Pakistan. The trade deficit needs attention. He talked about the China Pakistan Free Trade Agreement CPFTA. Under the CPFTA Pakistan has been given equitable treatment by China. He stated that there are still some issues in China Pakistan Free Trade agreement which need to be addressed.
Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani, Secretary General Pakistan China Friendship Association KP Chapter said that Pakistan and China have historical connections. in his speech discussed in detail about Pakistan and China 70 years of diplomatic relations. Today 21st May 2021 is an important day so far Pakistan and China Relations are concerned, exactly 70 years ago Pakistan and China established diplomatic Relations. No doubt Pakistan and China relations are higher than mountains and deeper than oceans. The two countries are iron brothers. We should bring reforms in our economic sector to make it more investment friendly. He thanked Director, China Study Center UOP for inviting him to deliver a speech on this important online round-table. After the speeches question/Answer session took place.
In the end Prof Dr Zahid Anwar thanked all the speakers and a large number of other participants for their participation in the online webinar on 70 years of Pakistan-China Diplomatic Relations.