Well done Mahmood Qureshi


Never in the history of Pakistan has any leader spoken so well in the United States General assembly’s 73rd Session as the world witnessed Shah Mahmood Qureshi foreign minister of Pakistan presenting Pakistan’s view point so effectively and boldly that it unnerved the Indian delegate who had no moral courage to stay put and listen to his speech. We cannot forget old days when Kashmir Boards were removed from Islamabad Roads to welcome Indian Prime Minister; we also cannot forget former Nawaz Sharif for not uttering a word about spy of India Kulbhoshan Yadev. Many such examples can be quoted when various head of Pakistan while representing Pakistan at UN failed to present Pakistan’s case in such bold manner as done this time. The nation is proud of his address and even the enemies are praising his speech.
While emphasizing importance of peace in the neighborhood he said there would be no compromise on security and sovereignty of Pakistan. It was in bad taste to give pain to the Muslims all over the world under cover of planned competition of caricatures of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). It certainly needed courage to point out that UN needs to reform it to make it more democratic and transparent and ensure that the charters envisaged are met in true letter and spirit. Pakistan has always stood for peace all over the world and is the largest contributor of UN Peacekeeping force and our role in peacekeeping has always been applauded by the world at large.
He presented real picture on Kashmir that come what may there cannot be peace in the region as long as Kashmir dispute is not resolved. !948 Resolutions of UN is still on record yet to be implemented by India. The members of the world community know this that until and unless Kashmir dispute is resolved there cannot be lasting peace between the two neighbors. War is not the solution it has to be settled through dialogue on equal footing. Pakistan cannot sit as silent spectator on massive human rights violations by India and killing of innocent people that has become now order of the day. India cannot take leverage under the pretext of terrorism that is now a bogey slogan and the world knows about it what are the truth and the ground realities. He very rightly pointed out ceasefire violations across LoC taking place with regular interval cannot be allowed to continue and India should be ready to receive positive response. Highlighting India’s build up of arms Pakistan has also to safeguard its territorial integrity by keeping minimum deterrence. The negative attitude of India towards SAARC being displayed over the years has almost rendered this platform ineffective whereas it was needed to strengthen it for regional cooperation and mutual benefits.
While talking about Afghanistan he made it very clear that there is no military solution to the problem. We all know that US with all its might failed to make any dent and suffered heavy casualties in men and material and finally reached to conclusion that until Taliban are taken in to confidence there cannot be any solution to the problem. He did mention about the growing influence of Daesh in Afghanistan that could add to injury to relations between two immediate neighbours.He reiterated that Pakistan like in the past is willing to extend all type of assistance and help in bringing peace between the two countries. Pakistan has been looking after Afghan refugees for a long time and our friends abandoned us putting extra burden on our economy, apart from this Pakistan has suffered huge losses in its infrastructure and loss of human lives and our soldiers. He was very vocal on the issue of combating terrorism and Pakistan forces conducted successful operation against terrorist and cleared the areas that were considered no man’s land. He also mentioned tragic killing of 150 children of Army Public School at Peshawar by the terrorists coming from across the border. Killing of hindered of Muslims in Samjhota express is black mark on India who continues to harbor the terrorists for such brutal attacks.
It was very courageous on the part of our foreign minister to mention some facts of Indian Naval Commander Kulbhoshan Yadev who confessed that he carried out terrorist attacks on Pakistan as instructed by Indian government that means state sponsored terrorism. What else the world wants. Pakistan has living proof but unfortunately no one there to condemn India and ask them to stop these terrorist activities against Pakistan. Gone are the days when you could suppress people by force. Agitation and protests in Indian occupied Kashmir is not an act of terrorism but it is struggle against Indian atrocities and they have stood up against their rights as guaranteed by the United Nations. Opposition by India and other countries on CPEC is meaningless as this corridor is going to help the entire world in one way or the other. It is good that KSA has also offered her to join this gigantic project as it will help them to reach Central Asian states.
While concluding his historic speech he emphasized that importance of United Nation shall be seen as torch bearer and shall remain central platform for dialogue and diplomacy and certainly only hope of poor nation. The fact remains that world did not witness before such diplomatic utilization of the UN General Assembly by a Pakistani diplomat. Shah Mahmood Qureshi represented the entire nation in putting forward the national point of view which not only subjectively correct but also objective very monumental as it turned the anti Kashmir narrative on it’s head.