Well done President FPCCI

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry being the apex body of trade & industry of the country is considered as the premium institution of Pakistan which has recognition internationally. Large number of delegates under the umbrella of FPCCI visit various countries to attract their counterparts to invest in Pakistan and vice versa. But practically the results have not been encouraging as a result emphasis has been mostly on import rather than increasing exports. Second reason is more emphasis has been on self projection to gain personal benefits
Prime Minister Imran Khan is all out to look after the business community and go step forward in meeting their needs but he wants to boost up the exports to earn more foreign exchange. It is heartening to note that pending rebates worth Rs 70 billion have been cleared. But while helping industry and trade he wants them to pay taxes on their earnings which they collect from buyers. Businessman are having frequent meetings with Prime Minister on new tax system and are not happy with the steps being taken. The industry and trade went on strike and now stand divided. FPCCI has now to play active role in ensuring that business community and government is on one page, if it does not happen it will further hit our economy badly. The business community failed to emphasize that the allocation for debt servicing in Budget 2019-20 has gone up to an unprecedented Rs 2.9 trillion 50 percent of the Tax Revenue, how the country will run? That would mean to raise our interest rate to over 20 to percent to achieve set targets.
Since the change of guard in FPCCI one can see visible improvement all around and enforcement of strict discipline. Smooth running of the FPCCI is the responsibility of the Secretary General who acts as eyes and ears of the Federation and it must be stated that present Secretary General a seasoned experienced bureaucrat is holding the fort who has carried out many far reaching reforms and efforts are on to make FPCCI a pride of the nation.
There is always resistance to any change as old people who assume the shape of mafia create hurdles in bringing change in status quo. In recent past there has been a great turmoil in FPCCI when Acting Secretary General arbitrarily transgressed the powers of President FPCCI as per past practice but to great surprise of many President FPCCI moved in the right direction to ensure that respect and dignity of the office of President is not compromised.It is reliably learnt that Acting Secretary General who is now facing inquiry issued show cause notice to one of the Deputy Secretary General and warning letter to the personal staff officer of President unlawfully without even discussing the matter with the President as both officers report directly to the president that tantamount to challenging the authority of President FPCCI. President took strong exception to this incident and removed Acting Secretary General and has ordered an inquiry. The Secretary General who was on annual leave has been recalled and has resumed his duties. Unfortunately the action initiated against officers was malaise as lapse in administration otherwise fell in his own jurisdiction which is exclusive domain of administration and had nothing to do with the officers. Such initiatives are due to leniency shown in the past by the Business Community Leader having soft corner for old associates but times have changed and one expects that nothing should be preferred over the prestige of the organization. Never in the history of FPCCI such bold step has been taken by any President of FPCCI, therefore this action will be long remembered by the business community . This step is in line with Naya Pakistan as no one is above the law.
The performance of present team headed by Engineer Daroo Khan President of FPCCI has done well and worked hard and has been able to resolve many outstanding issues of business community. Just to count few Engineering Development Board (EDB) that was abolished has been restored. FPCCI stands shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces and it was in this context that FPCCI honoured the pilot who shot down Indian Aircraft in Feb 2019 when it intruded in to Pakistan Air space.
The amnesty scheme that has filled national exchequer with over Rs 70 billion was brain child of FPCCI and getting extension in filing returns was on the request of FPCCI. It was on the behest of FPCCI that a committee was formed of FBR and FPCCI to remove the anomalies in the budget. On international level FPCCI prepared comprehensive report through consultative session on Tariff Rationalization Policy, SME’s and FTA with Turkey, apart from this a comprehensive report to enhance Pakistan-Iran trade via land route has been prepared. With the efforts of President FPCCI inked MOU of co operation with the biggest trade organisation of CCPIT of People Republic of China our time tested friend. Visit to Egypt to see their economic reforms was also undertaken. The President took deep interest in strengthening all the FPCCI offices particularly Gawadar due to CPEC importance.
It is time that FPCCI establishes its own offices at Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar. We have overspent the money on the Capital Office that is still not complete. It should be completed at priority and construction of Peshawa Regional office may be initiated keeping in view its importance due to CPEC. Likewise Chief Minister Punjab and Baluchistan may be approached for acquiring land in the provincial capitals. Lot of land has been recovered from land grabber’s therefore right time to approach the provincial governments. These steps shall bring substantial savings to FPCCI. As already emphasized the outlook of Federation House needs immediate change as it gives impression as this building belongs to Sind Bank. A proper boundary wall is the need of the hour apart from security hazard it gives really ugly look. President FPCCI who is very active should look in to these issues and convert FPCCI Head Office like any other multinational companies. We wish the new management specially the President with active management team make FPCCI a proud office of the country.

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