Well done Shahbaz – Imran is winner

17th August 2018 shall be remembered as historic day in the history of Pakistan when the entire world witnessed a cricketer of repute defeating the forces of dynastic politics and demolishing the status quo with handsome majority and a new land mark in the history of Pakistan politics. It was a big fanfare to watch the voting for the new prime minister of Pakistan who toiled hard for good 22 years to become 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Traditionally losing candidates never accept their defeat and always blame ECP and agencies
Imran was being bracketed with the symbol of jeep pointing fingers at army who were alleged to be supporting Ch Nisar. But nature has its own ways they saw how a boastful MNA Ch Nisar even failed to win National Assembly seat for himself and only managed to get provincial seat with lot of difficulty for which he has yet to take oath. PML N had rightly predicted that election result will show real face of Noon league to Ch Nisar and that is what exactly happened.
What happened in National Assembly on 17 August it should be a matter of concern for all political parties, our heads hung in shame and country’s image was tarnished at home and abroad. To protest is a democratic right but then it has its limitations when you cross red lines then you become vulnerable in own country as well as abroad. The way PML N behaved in the assembly it was most shameful conduct on their part , this is no politics even not dirty politics as they prolonged their protest without any justification. What message has gone to the outside world. Shahbaz Sharif after losing miserably from Imran Khan made speech as he was addressing public meeting. PML N is blaming state machinery involved in alleged irregularities like crash of recently installed ARS. It has nothing to do with PTI success in elections. Caretaker set ups were appointed by PML N in consultation with opposition leader Khursheed Shah, ECP was appointed by them, DG NAB is their appointee, DG FIA is their appointee, chairman NADRA is their own pick, why blame Imran Khan or Khalai Makhlooq? Therefore, it was in bad taste to create noise to disturb the house. The sanctity of the house has been molested. The newly elected speaker failed to control the house, it appeared he was ignorant about the rules. The first and foremost thing for him was to have studied the rules and regulations and applied them as per his constitutional authority. He has to work hard and has to take the entire house with him in a manner that all listen to him. has already performed as speaker in KPK, he should have warned to behave and should have adjourned the house. Now coming to the speeches of various leaders..
Speech of elected Prime Minister may be criticized by many but it was meant for the poor people of the country who have been deprived of their money and that has been flown outside Pakistan and stashed in foreign accounts. His entire election campaign was one point agenda, fight against corruption, and bring back looted money. He gave clear message that there will be no more NRO as happened during Gen Musharraf. He gave clear message that he is not going to compromise on corruption. Latest example is of Malaysia where 92 year old Mahatir won with over whelming majority in May election this year is again the prime minister after many years. The first thing he did was to arrest former Prime Minister on corruption charges, raided his house recovered millions of rupees etc. Nation is now looking for such steps in Pakistan also against all those who have looted the money. Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke same language and promised to do justice. As for as Shahbaz Sharif was concerned he repeated his old rhetoric’s as usual cursing Election Commission of Pakistan, and warned to start agitation if election commission to probe rigging is not set up in 30 days.
PML N at present lay wounded on all fronts, no one should expect something pleasant from them, for some time they will create problem and resort to agitational politics. PPP behaved somewhat nicely and abstained from dirty politics and did not participate in the voting as they never approved the nomination of Shahbaz Sharif against Imran Khan . They did not agitate nor sided with PML N.
The speech of Bilwal Bhutto comparatively was better and balanced but his certain remarks against Imran Khan calling him as Selected Prime Minister instead elected Prime Minister, this could have been avoided. PTI success has come after 22 years struggle, people have voted them on their manifesto to make Pakistan a welfare state, the dream of our Quaid that was abandoned. Imran Kha’s promise that he shall work for poor and bring back looted money shall be haunting him. Poor people have high hopes in him, it is hoped that he will not disappoint them. The kitty is empty, he will have to devise ways and means to boost our exports and try to stand on our own feet instead looking towards IMF.
Everyone should reconcile now that Imran Khan is the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and is a ground reality. Agitation, making hue and cry, disrupting the traffic shall prove to be counterproductive except wasting every body’s time. Pakistan is facing economic disaster, the entire nation has to work hard to come out of this mess and it can only be achieved through unity faith and discipline the cardinal principles envisaged by our Quaid.

The writer is a freelance
journalist and defence Analyst.

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