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Well done Trump – Imran is the winner

As expected the visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan has been a grand success and being appreciated by all and sundry. This visit has earned historic place in the history of United States as no parallel can be drawn. I feel sorry for those anchors and journalists who thought Donald Trump will not give any lift and our Prime Minister Imran Khan will be handed over a list with DO MORE and may face tough questions. But the saner people who remained neutral were hoping that visit will be historic and Imran shall give nothing and may demand compensation of the losses suffered due to war on terror over the years. This is what happens when you work on given agenda and don’t apply your mind and ultimately suffer humiliation that is what exactly happened with critiques.
Right from beginning of journey to end of journey the visit is not only memorable but shall be talked as historic and unique in many ways. Never in the history of Pakistan irrespective of rulers including dictators has such austerity ever been displayed. Prime Minister travelling in private airliner as ordinary passenger instead using special plane as per past practice have saved millions of dollars and decided to stay in Ambassador’s residence instead going for expensive suit in some 7 star hotel with fleet of hired limousines, this single step has saved millions of dollars .The visit has been only for three days and the delegation was bare minimum but most powerful. While criticising Imran Khan Opposition members and critique from media group were ignorant that inclusion of army chief, DG ISI was the requirement of US and not the Prime Minister as US is seeking help and support of Pakistan to have safe exit from Afghanistan. It was US invitation and not Pakistan’s desire, the difference not understood by many
It is no more a secret that our relations started deteriorating with USA from 2011 due to Raymond Davis case, Abbot bad attack on 2 May, Memo gate Scandal, Mohmand Agency attack on Shalala check post by US Gunship helicopters in which 28 soldiers embraced Shahdat. However after army’s tough stand on this attack the Washington extended its apology in March 2012 to Pakistan as a result relations came on the track.
Imran Khan visit was at a very crucial stage when US is negotiating on side lines with Taliban, India and Afghanistan on one page against Pakistan and above all US desire to have safe exit from Afghanistan can never be achieved without Pakistan active support and help. This realisation forced Donald Trump to invite Imran Khan along with military high command to chalk out proper exit strategy. But one thing was clear that Imran Khan shall not compromise on anything that hits our sovereignty and take any type of dictation whatsoever and is not going to compromise on national issues and shall not accept hegemony of US.
Let us recapitulate that the meeting between the two leaders was taking place at a time when Trump has been threatening Pakistan for not doing the job properly. His famous tweet of January 1,2018 Quote “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit., thinking of our leaders as fools. They gave safe heaven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more” This was very harsh tweet and not based on ground realities. With such tweets to expect cordial relations simply meant living in fool’s paradise. As this was not enough Trump tweeted again on November 19, 2018 “We no longer pay Pakistan the billion dollars because they would take our money and do nothing for us, Bin Laden being prime example. Afghanistan being another. They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return. That’s ending”. It was on 22 July 2019 that a new chapter has been written when Prime Minister Imran Khan with the military leadership on board revived the broken relations with US. Two good events were witnessed US declaring BLA as terrorist organisation and Pakistan arrested Hafiz Saied chief JuD famous due to Mumbai attack before leaving Islamabad, to which Trump tweeted that it was two years pressure on Pakistan but the man has not been convicted so far in any case. It again depends on courts who take independent decisions.
Trump wants to leave Afghanistan and considers Pakistan competent to deal with the situation to bring end to war and to ensure that militants fail establish their hold and hopes that Pakistan can do much better and motivate Taliban to agree to peace deal as per desire of US. During brief interview with the media he unnecessarily created a controversy when he said US can win war in Afghanistan within 10 days but not before killing 10 million people and he is not going to do it therefore wants Imran to sit with Taliban and help US. Taliban has agreed to talk to Imran Khan is happy development.
Pakistan got everything from US and the beauty is that Imran Khan did not ask but Donald Trump gave everything on the plate. Trump acknowledged that Modi had approached him to help India in solving core issue of Kashmir has created ripples in India and Modi is being criticized in the Parliament for making such offer to Donald Trump. On nuclear Imran said if India caps Pakistan would also do it. On the release of Shakil Afridi he said it is negotiable and US should leave Aafia siddiqui. What must have surprised many the 21 gun salute to Gen Bajwa which is only reserved in honour of British army chief. US, Russia, Turkey, China and KSA agree that Pakistan is pivotal country that can play leading role in the present crisis and contribute towards peace in the region. The strategic aim is to end war in Afghanistan, no war in Iran, end to US-China trade war, Hawaii case is recent example of conflict .US declared BLA as terrorist organization shows no more love making with India, Trump to consider restoration of CSF, to facilitate Iran US standoff. It was Imran Khan Address to Pakistanis settled in USA where over 30000 people gathered from all over USA, Canada and some European countries on their own cost not transported in buses, no biryani. This was something new in US history Now both parties shall try to win over these great Pakistani in coming elections not the least Trump said he will help Imran in his second term hoping IK will reciprocate. Opposition is confused, shell shocked and in comma on this great successful trip of IK, may it finds some place in gunnies book. Lastly Imran Khan should avoid loose talk on leaders like he shall remove air conditioners from jail, no television facility. Rhetoric of NRO must end; let the institutions do their work. Such things have nothing to do with the Prime Ministers role. Not the least Bilawal Bhutto deserves appreciation for extending support to IK on his visit. PM should brief parliamentarians in the national assembly and also take them on board as role of opposition cannot be ignored in democracy and that should be the last thing to happen in Pakistan.

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