When Trump will act?

One wonders as to when President Trump will act. It’s almost 140 days the occupied Kashmir is cut off from the rest of the world.The Indian army is ruthlessly killing Kashmiris to silence their protest, but the coercive methods adopted by the Indian Army have miserably failed to check their protest against Indian occupation of occupied Kashmir on August 50.
Just imagine, around fifty innocent persons have lost their lives killed mercilessly by the Occupied Indian Army.Huge protests and rallies are taking place in major cities of the world in support of Kashmiris living in the Occupied Kashmir since centuries, but the fascist Indian PM Mr. Modi does not care about the protesters demanding basic human rights including forthright stoppage of the carnage by the Indian soldiers over unarmedKashmiris.
Meanwhile, India is using latest weapons at LOC against the Pak Army as well, killing many Jawans and the Civilians at will.
To be very specific, the LOC has become nuclear flash point and it is likelihood that any moment war can breakout between India and Pakistan.
The irony is that the US President Trump knows very well about the sensitive situation at LOC and wants to mediate to calm the situation but so far he has not acted to mediate while the situation is getting worse with every passing day. I think it is high time, he should act now otherwise situation at LOC might take a different turn leading to war between the two nuclear armed countries.Many democrats of US Congress and Senate which also include the members of Republican Party have called upon the President Mr. Trump to put pressure on India to respect human rights and restore the communication like internet and mobile service.They have also said that theKashmiris be allowed to right of self- determination as mentioned in UN charter as well in the Indian constitution while the freedom of expression and speech be respected in the occupied Kashmir.However, some US politicians think that Mr. Trump is not serious for settling the burning issue, if he has political will he can immediately start mediating betweenthe two countries and initiate peace process.In case peace process is delayed,the problem will become more complicated.
Meanwhile the Amnesty International has also asked Mr. Modi to have regards for the human rights in Occupied Kashmir and restore the communication.Similar request has been made by the European Union and has expressed great concern about the plight of the Kashmiris in the occupied territory who are locked for more than one and half months with no food, medicine or the functioning hospitals for the injured and sick. It seems that Mr. Modi is immune to all the pleas made by the concerned human rights organizations as well UNO. This attitude will lead to more complications with regard to Pak-India relations eventually leading to war.
It is the right time Mr. Trumps should fulfill his promise to mediate between India and Pakistan as also help bring the two nuclear states on negotiating table for the sake of peace in the region. As everyone knows Pakistan does not want war with India, it is India who has been trumpeting for war with Pakistan. However if the war is imposed by India, Pakistan is fully capable to repulse it with all its economic and military might and resources. If the war breaks out between India and Pakistan it would unleash untold sufferings to the people on both sides of the border, therefore give peace a chance.

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