Why we disrespect our women?


This can vary greatly in the social class of women, but compared to men, yes, women are oppressed in Pakistan. Some people may interpret this simply as their social role: for example, women are educated to be obedient while men are not, women are raised to do things for their brothers but not for women. Where they cannot even wear modern western clothes (they must wear ethnic clothes, even in the cities) while men wear the latest western fashion trends.
If I understand correctly, women’s oppression occurs all over the world, but some places may have more than others. Similarly, there is also in Pakistan a certain oppression of women, but that is due to the inherited and local culture, illiteracy, financial and economic tensions, lack of implementation and, what is more important they do not do not know the teachings of Islam. There are some pockets in the country where oppression and senseless coercion are higher, but 90% of the countries are quite normal and we have a very diverse and liberal population. If I look at my family and friends in Pakistan, I do not remember any incidents that fall into the category of oppression.
Divorce for women is almost impossible in the Pakistani justice system, while men simply have to inform the courts that they have divorced their wives, and it is considered inappropriate for a girl to go alone because it is “dangerous,” even if that is not the case. Girls cannot run or ride bicycles in public and on the beach, they have to swim with ethnic clothes and nothing less, swimsuits are reserved for men, sports/gyms in general are reserved for men and women are expensive and in the elite areas of the city.
When it is time for a girl to get married, the girls of the family pay a large sum of money/gifts/car for the groom’s family as a dowry and the girls should take their best behavior or the married family can refuse, which will result in the loss of honor for her and her family.The girls absolutely cannot have any type of boyfriend.They should be “white co” and have a high level of education before marriage, even if the future family does not allow them to work in the future. On the contrary, a guy who has had friends, who does not have a good job, who is not white and who has several bad habits will be considered a fair match.
Even after marriage, girls have to live under their mother in law’s thumb and do all the cleaning, since this is their role, even if they are educated and able to make a career, many housewives after going to school of medicine all societies are different, but it seems that Pakistani society is trapped in the past. Middle-class Pakistanis may consider “their culture” like most Pakistanis educated as oppression. I hope that with the arrival of all the Hardee’s, Dunkin Donuts, TGI Fridays and Johnny Rockets to Pakistan, we will also advance social progress a bit.
Another important aspect is that the media play an important role in setting the expectations and mentality of people in all countries. For example, a woman raped in Pakistan or Islamic country could reach mainstream headlines immediately and stay there for a number of days, but a woman raped in Western countries cannot reach the headlines whatever the reason, they do it, it will disappear in a few hours or in a single day.As a result, most Westerners are mistaken about Pakistan because of the media. Pakistan is “with its current problems” one of the most attractive countries to visit and/or live.
Pakistan consistently asserts that Pakistani culture and religion respect women. However, the profound truth is that there is no respect even on a superficial level. The Pakistani education is such that women discreetly align themselves with the patriarchal structure without daring to question it. Pakistan is the fourth most dangerous country for women in the world. Well, nothing new, other than having been crushed and labeled as propaganda against Pakistan or Muslim women around the world, this study will soon be buried in their minds.
Women suffer every day in Pakistan from domestic violence and lack of access to health services, from rape to illiteracy and harassment in the workplace and on the road or even no one bother to listen their opinions openheartedly as they think women have no mind to think. Of course, women suffer too much from what is understandable, and all too often without justice, restitution or rest. And the art that highlights the different ways in which society causes pain and trauma to women is something that deserves to be praised.
One of my elders said something interesting about it. He said:
“No woman in Pakistan is oppressed whose man is not also oppressed.”
The rate of oppression of women in segments of society where men also suffer from some form of oppression, economic or social, is much higher than in other areas. Unfortunately, this segment continues to be an important part of our society.
In other segments of society, the position of women is similar to that of most developed countries and cultural norms are replaced by others, for example. The pressure to work is replaced by the pressure to be good in the domestic service, etc.
In the Holy Quran, she is absolved of the offense of being first tempted by Satan and tempting Adam in turn, leading to the fall of man from the state of bliss and innocence…In the following verses of the Holy Quran are “they” “them”, “their” and “both” is use. Thus, equal responsibility and blame lie with men and women, “not only” on women.

The writer is an Advocate High Court Islamabad and teaches at the Best Law College, Rawalpindi.